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Apple gains FCC approval for new Powerbeats wireless headphones

FCC filing reveals new Apple wireless Powerbeats headphones
(Image credit: FCC)

Fancy a new set of wireless headphones? Apple's got just the thing: the Cupertino giant has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a pair of wireless headphones. The model is filed under the new FCC ID code A2015 and is listed as "Power Beats Wireless" –  so it is highly likely to be the latest in Apple's Beats subsidiary brand. 

As we noted back in December, Apple's iOS 13.3 update revealed a "Powerbeats4" product featuring 'Hey Siri' support and Apple's proprietary H-1 chip, so in all likelihood we're now seeing the first visuals of the new Powerbeats. 

Of course, Apple's truly wireless Beats Powerbeats Pro also offer 'Hey Siri' support, so the filing suggests that the Powerbeats4 could be a more budget-conscious option and a successor to the Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless in-ears – and for those still looking for an alternative to the AirPods Pro

With Apple’s H1 chip a likely inclusion, the Powerbeats4 will probably also support the “Announce Messages with Siri” feature, which lets Siri read your iPhone messages aloud without the need for unlocking your iPhone.

The Beats Powerbeats3 are currently sold by Apple for £170/$199 but can often be found for quite a bit less via other online retailers. The main difference, of course, is that the Powerbeats3 have a connecting wire between each earpiece, while the Powerbeats Pro are truly wireless.

On looking at the graphic in the FCC filing , the Powerbeats4 still have the wire between the two earpieces. In fact, on appearances alone, they look remarkably similar to the Powerbeats3, although that faster H-1 chip should mean an upgraded user experience.

Whether Apple is planning on launching the Powerbeats4 at its rumoured event on 31st March (and should said event go ahead, alongside coronavirus fears) remains to be seen, but it can't be long now. 

For now, we wait... 


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