A second OLED screen with Ambilight, new 4K HDR LCD ranges, and Freeview Play incoming - Philips is back with a bang in 2017. Read on for prices, availability, specs and more...

At its European TV launch, Philips unveiled a brand new flagship OLED screen and an entire new range of LCD TVs for the first half of 2017.

The big news is its second OLED screen: the 9000 series. Available in 55in screen size only, the 9002 is the company’s new flagship 4K HDR OLED and will be available to buy this summer.

The screen is HDR-compatible, featuring standard HDR10 as well as its broadcast variant, Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG).

The OLED screen is once again paired with Ambilight - a trademark Philips technology that uses LEDs to emit light behind the TV and extend the picture on screen for a more immersive experience - which makes a welcome return to most of Philips's 4K screens this year.

Along with the 9000 OLED series, Philips also launched plenty of LCD models. The 7000 and 6000 ranges will feature 4K and HDR models, while the 5000 and 4000 ranges are Full HD only.

New tech includes the P5 picture processing engine (which promises 50 per cent improvement in picture performance across contrast, colour, sharpness, motion and HDR over its last generation Perfect Pixel Ultra HD chip). This will be powering the two flagship ranges: the OLED 9002 and the LCD 7502 screens.

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The new flatter, lighter remote control (with a QWERTY keyboard on the other side) will come with select LCD 4K models.

HLG will be available on 2017 models from 6402 series and above, and will also be available on 2016’s Android TVs following an OS update.

There’s no support for Dolby Vision HDR as Philips doesn’t see the need for it yet. However, it is monitoring the market to see how it develops.

More excitingly for UK customers, Philips is also awaiting full certification for Freeview Play (hence the late launch in summer), which means Philips TVs will finally have all catch-up TV services - BBC iPlayer, My5, All 4, ITV Player - as well as Netflix and Amazon Video apps.

The Philips TVs' smart platform will once again be powered by Android TV, with the latest Marshmallow update on board.

Select models (such as the 7502) will feature slim soundbars attached to the bottom edge of the screen; Philips calls this “Visible Sound”. Other sets, such as the 9002 OLED, will feature more traditional built-in speakers.

Philips has focused heavily on design this year, with its "European Design" ethos aiming for a more elegant, minimal, lifestyle-conscious look.

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The 55in 9002 OLED has a 750nits peak brightness, with Netflix 4K HDR and HLG support.

Available in 55in screen size only, the 9002 OLED range will support standard HDR10 as well as the broadcast variant HLG.

The combination of the new P5 processor, a wide colour gamut (99 per cent of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum) and a peak brightness of 750nits means Philips has put the 9002 forward for Ultra HD Premium certification.

The 55POS9002 features a sleek, minimalist design using premium materials, and will have a sensible ‘cradle stand’ in a silver finish.

Unlike the 901F OLED, the 9002 won’t have a soundbar built into the screen. Instead, it will feature the company's 'triple ring' speaker technology with a woofer at the back.

Could the lack of a soundbar mean the 9002 will cost less than the £2800 55POS901F? It's been strongly hinted at, but we shall find out for sure in the summer.

The set will of course feature three-sided Ambilight, Android TV, Freeview Play and the old chunky, double-sided remote with QWERTY keyboard.


9002 (55in)



• P5 picture processor

• Wide colour gamut

• 750nits peak brightness

• Three-sided Ambilight

• Android M

• Netflix 4K HDR

• Cradle stand

• Triple ring speakers (30W)

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The 55in 7502 LCD screen features 4K, HDR, HLG, three-sided Ambilight and a dark aluminium finish

7000 series

The 7000 series marks Philips’ top-of-the-range LCD screens.

Along with 4K, HDR and HLG, the flagship 7502 range features edge-lit LED backlighting.

It’s powered by the new P5 picture processing chip also found in the 9002 OLED, and has a claimed 400 nits peak brightness. 

The 7502 set has a dark brushed aluminium finish and an ‘open frame’ central stand.

The built-in soundbar (“Visible Sound”) is driven by a 45W amplifier for bigger, clearer sound with a wider stereo image.

All sets are powered by Android M and will feature Netflix 4K HDR and, eventually, Freeview Play.

The TVs will come with a redesigned remote: it’s still double sided with the QWERTY keyboard on the back, but the design is flatter, lighter and has an all-black finish.

There's also a 75in 7101 screen, but there’s no plans for it to come to the UK.


7502 (49in, 55in, 65in)


• 4K HDR


• Edge-lit LED backlighting

• P5 picture processor

• Wide colour gamut

• 400nits peak brightness

• Three-sided Ambilight

• Android M

• Netflix 4K HDR

• Visible Sound (45W soundbar)

• Open frame stand

The 6482 is a 4K HDR/HLG screen with three-sided Ambilight

6400 series

Continuing with the 4K LCD range is the 6400 series, which features direct LED backlighting, Ambilight and support for HLG and HDR10.

It’s worth noting that each range will feature a different stand design, speaker configuration and finishes.


6482 (49in, 55in)

• 4K HDR


• Direct LED backlighting

• Pixel Perfect Ultra HD processor

• 400nits peak brightness

• Three-sided Ambilight

• Android M

• Netflix 4K HDR

• Visible Sound (soundbar 25W)

• Cradle stand


6412 (43, 49in, 55in, 65in)

• 4K HDR


• Direct LED backlighting

• Pixel Perfect Ultra HD processor

• 350nits peak brightness

• Two-sided Ambilight

• Android M


The 4000 series: small screens from 22in to 43in in Full HD and HD Ready resolutions

5000 series

In the UK, the 5231 range - which features the five-star £200 Philips 24PFS5231 - will carry on into 2017.


5231 (24in)

• Full HD

• Built-in Bluetooth speaker (16W)


4000 series

Last but not least, there are plenty of smaller screen TVs in Full HD and HD Ready resolution. 

• 4022 (24in, 22in) Full HD

• 4032 (32in, 24in) Full HD

• 4012 (43in Full HD, 32in HD Ready)

• 4112 (43in Full HD, 32in HD Ready)

• 4132 (43in, 24in) Full HD


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