What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Thu, 29 Mar 2007, 12:00pm

Logik LDR V2

Tested at £50

Compact and easy to connect, but price and picture quality ultimately let it down

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  • Logik LDR V2


  • Picture quality isn’t up to scratch

This is another compact device, and (like the Bush iDaptor) it comes with an IR receiver so you can hide it away easily – here you also get a wall-mounting capability into the bargain. All very well and good, and the Logik is small, too, as you'll have gathered from the picture of it under its not-exactly-huge remote handset.

But once you plug it in and turn it on, things take a turn for the worse: the picture isn't exactly what we'd call awe-inspiring or well detailed. On fast motion there's a lot of blurring, robbing sports programmes of detail, and neither are dark scenes handled any too cleverly. Connect the Logik to a large screen, and the image quality just isn't up to scratch.

Not a Logikal buy
Unfortunately, price isn't going to be the Logik's saviour: certain rivals are both better and less expensive, and that kind of clinches it for us. Given a few tweaks here, we're pretty sure the Logik could be a good product instead of an average one, but as it stands it's simply not competitive.

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