Best TV deals in the UK – April 2014

4 Apr 2014

Cheap TVs are ten-a-penny in 2014, but are supermarket specials any good or should you spend a little more for a genuine bargain? We're here to help.

We'll be scouring the internet and the What Hi-Fi? Shop to find the best TV deals on the market in the UK – from a Panasonic 50in plasma TV to a Samsung 40in LED TV or even a budget LCD set for your bedroom, we've got it covered.

We'll be digging out the best prices on our Award-winning TVs, but we'll also be taking a look at the knockdown deals on other screens that might make you consider a three- or four-star television. 

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Best TV deals – April

- Finlux 40F8073-T – £300 (down from £330); Finlux Direct 

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Samsung UE40F7000 – £739 (down from £1200); PRC direct

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Samsung UE46F7000 – £949 (down from £1600); PRC direct

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Panasonic TX-P60ZT65B - £2399 (down from £3850); Crampton & Moore

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Panasonic TX-L32E6B – £349 (down from £400); Play

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Samsung UE55F8000 – £1579; ElectricShop

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Sony KDL-55W905A – £1375 (down from £2099); Hi-Spek

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Best Samsung TV deals

- Samsung UE40F7000 – £869 (down from £1200); Sevenoaks

This 40in LED TV from last year is an impressive set. With neat design, smart interface and a top-notch picture performance, it's certainly a confident performer with the fierce competition at this screen size.

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Samsung PS514500 - £419; Amazon

A cheaper plasma TV from Samsung, it may not have the all-round ability of the '5500 but at 33 per cent cheaper, it's well worth considering for a big-screen budget plasma.


Samsung UE32F5000 - £250; Richer Sounds

If you're able to call into a Richer Sounds store near you, this 32in set can be yours for just £250. It boasts class-leading picture quality with a 1080p Full HD LED screen. This offer is not available online.

- Samsung PS51F8500 – £1749; Peter Tyson

One of two models in the Korean giant’s 2013 high-end Series 8 plasma, we tested this 51in TV at £1900 and we were more than impressed with a vast range of smart content and admirable picture quality.

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Samsung UE46F7000 – £949 (down from £1600); PRC direct

Here's an offer and a half: a hefty £500 saving on this 46in Samsung LED TV, which received a strong five-star rating back in April 2013.

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Best Panasonic plasma TV deals

Panasonic TX-P42GT60 – £919 (down from £1150); PRC Direct

The last great plasma TV? It might just be. This 42in Panasonic TV from 2013 remains a top-notch plasma, complete with Freeview HD, 3D and more. And now it's £200 cheaper.

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- Panasonic TX-P50GT60 - £1099 (down from £1200); RGB Direct

Another Panasonic Award-winner, and one that probably won't be in stock for too much longer if current levels are anything to go by. The price hasn't dropped much and you can find it for around £1100 at a number of places but this is the cheapest price we've seen.

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- Panasonic TX-P55VT65B - £1799 (down from £2400); Sevenoaks

The best 55in+ TV in our 2013 Awards, this set is now down 25% in price and still represents terrific value for a big-screen plasma.

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- Panasonic TX-P60ZT65B - £2399 (down from £3850); Crampton & Moore

The best plasma TV money can buy? This ZT65B might just be it. Our only gripe when we reviewed it was that it was a little on the expensive side, mainly due to the brilliance of some sibling Pana' sets. At over £1200 off the asking price, that no longer applies.

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Best TV deals – February

- Hannspree SL22DMBB – £144

This shining example of tiny TVs proves that cheap needn't mean poor performing and picked up the Best 22in TV accolade in our 2013 Awards. It is a small, no-frills set that's yours for an affordable price.

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- Panasonic TX-L32E6B – £349

The Best 32in TV in our 2013 Awards, this fantastic Panasonic set features a stunning screen that's lovely to use and comes at an equally lovely price. There's the odd cheaper deal to be found for in-store purchases, but this is the best price online at the time of writing.

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- Panasonic TX-P50GT60B – £1099

This fantastic Panasonic TV – the Best premium 47in-52in TV at our Awards 2013 – is a great value set that offers much more than you might think, including picture quality that is second to none.

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Samsung PS51F5500 – £664; Kikatek

A superb all-rounder, combining wonderful picture quality with a strong set of features – all at a competitive price. We were so impressed that we named it Best budget 47in-52, Awards 2013.

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Samsung UE55F8000 – £1579; ElectricShop

We really like this 55in LCD/LED Full HD Smart 3D set, which has improved smart features; a friendlier user experience and a definite step up in both sound and picture performance.

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Sony KDL-55W905A – £1375 (down from £2099); Hi-Spek

The W905A has had a hard-fought battle, but it certainly excels in areas such as its blinding 3D performance; the excellent detail it offers in well-lit scenes; and fantastic usability. 

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LG 84LM960V – £14999

There's no denying that this is a hugely capable set with stunning 4K capability. It performs surprisingly well in Full HD and delivers a high standard of smart functionality and replay.

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Best TV deals – January

Kogan KULED22XXXYA 22in TV – £115

Fresh out of our test rooms, we had to include this budget small TV. Only a 22in set, it's also only just over £100. And well deserving of its good review.

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Bush 39in 4K TV – £499; Argos

It's not the first cheap 4K TV we've seen – it looks not unlike this 39in Seiki 4K TV and we saw new budget 4K TVs from Kogan and Polaroid at CES – but it might just be the cheapest we've seen on sale in the UK. The twist? It's not meant to be on sale (yet)...


Panasonic TX-L47DT65B – £1199 (down from £1600); Richer Sounds

Panasonic plasma TVs may be on the way out but luckily the company's LED TVs are also delivering the goods. Another five-star smart TV, now with 25 per cent off the reviewed price.

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Philips 55PFL8008S – £1699 (down from £2500); RGB Direct

We heralded this 55in TV as offering "stunning performance across the board" in our original review and it's now available for almost £1000 under the original price, and comes complete with Ambilight, 3D and Smart TV apps.


We'll be keeping this page updated with the latest hot deals, so check back every week and let us know in the comments if you spy a better price or any other TV bargains...


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You can get the Samsung UE40F7000 for £749 from and even better still you can use this site to get John Lewis to price match so you get the TV with a 5 year warranty from them for £749 plus the delivery charge of £30 that totaldigital charge so a total price of £779 from John Lewis with that all important 5 year warranty included.

You're right, now removed. Apologies.

The deal for the Panasonic TXL32E6B is WRONG!!

Note to all the TV on offer is the inferior and not reviewed TXL32B6B which is not the same spec as the award winning TXL32E6B which is out of stock on the CO-OP website. The link will take you to the inferior model so check before you buy.