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Older Hi Fi items

Evening all,

I have been given a selection of older equipment to which I have no idea of quality etc..

Leak 3900A
Leak 2001 Transcription Unit
Hitachi D-E65
Hitachi FT-4400
tannoy 611 mk2 speakers
National Panasonic Tape deck 269

Im looking at selling these items and replacing with a BOSE Acoustic Wave Music System II

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RE: Older Hi Fi items

Hi have you hooked up this kit it my supprise you in there day leak amps  sounded pretty good  

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RE: Older Hi Fi items

Iv had a quick look but cant find much recent info. Im looking for something that I can have out in my living room all this is just to much to have out on display.

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RE: Older Hi Fi items

Just a gentle reminder to our new member that trading isn't allowed on the forums.

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RE: Older Hi Fi items

Keep your kit and try it!

PS I once had a leak.

amp and tuner & not a personal nor domestic plumbing issue

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RE: Older Hi Fi items
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RE: Older Hi Fi items

So you've ended up with that gorgeous Leak amp & TT plus a pair of Tannoy 611s that I would have absolutely killed for 20 years ago when I could only afford the 607s, and you actually want to chop it all in for that BOSE Accousticrap?  Ugh :doh:, why is it so often the case that free gear ends up in the wrong hands? Wish someone had given that kit to me!

Anyhow if you really are daft enough to want shot of that great-sounding kit in order to replace it with a lump of expensive designer-plastic which will sound infinitely worse, eBay is probably your best option. List the items separately as it's unlikely you'll get the best price as a job lot.

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RE: Older Hi Fi items

I would love to keep the whole set up as i also have over 200 LP's from the 60's and 70's but i do not have the space for it hence why im looking for the best small unit that I can use.

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