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vintage turntables keeps their price

Just saw a used Denon Dp-60M, no cart, no S-arm, and the price is more than most modern entry level turntables.

Beautiful deck though. its not the picture one.

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yeah, but they're good.

i paid around a hundred quid for my 1970's rotel turntable. it was in pretty bad shape, filthy and unloved. i've given it a hill-billy tune-up/facelift, and it sounds superb.

if my sony deck had sounded this good in the 1980's, i would have probably bought a lot more vinyl.


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The performance of a fully

The performance of a fully working one would be higher than all modern entry level turntables.

Yes, they are beautiful, aren't they?

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Many tables from the 70s nd

Many tables from the 70s nd 80s seem to sell for more than their original price.  Pioner PL12Ds were about forty quid but often go for a hundred.

These battleship models are great though, aren't they?!


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