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Sonos Discount

Hi does anyone know of any Sonos discount anywhere on Playbar and/or Play 3? Or any general e.g. 10% discount,  off any place that also stocks Sonos?  Thanks.  

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RE: Sonos Discount

I don't think sonos allows suppliers to advertise any discount.  Your best bet is probably to go into a shop and ask for one.  I need to get a connect amp and an additional play:5 at some point,

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RE: Sonos Discount

Not  entirely true. Shops do advertise 10% Sonos discounts every now & then. That's when I bought my stuff.

For example, Currys advertised a 15% discount on Sonos last year:


Best bet is to buy them at Sound and Vision show in October where you will get a 10% discount. Or keep an eye on Amazon.

Put your request on uk.camelcamelcamel.com to alert you via email when the price drops below a certain level on Amazon.

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RE: Sonos Discount

When the now departed Best buy opened its doors it offered 20% off pretty much everything including Songs. I got three Play:5s and a Connect.  Smile

You occasionally see in-store offers at some stockists, that aren't offered online, so it can be worth checking.

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RE: Sonos Discount

scene wrote:

 it offered 20% off pretty much everything including Songs.

Good job it wasn't 20% off thongs, that doesn't leave a lot..
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RE: Sonos Discount

bigboss wrote:
Not  entirely true. Shops do advertise 10% Sonos discounts every now & then.

Only when Amazon are offering 10%. It's a case of matching and selling some, or selling very little. At 10% discount, there's very little margin in it for independent retailers, and hardly worth stocking.

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I wish Sonos would do a

I wish Sonos would do a discount, but they don't move on their price do they. |(

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