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Dali Zensor 3 or Tannoy Revolution DC6?

Hello Guys,

I am looking for a pair of speakers, and the two options are the Dali Zensor 3 and the Tannoy Revolution dc6.
The Dali is a used one in excellent condition and 4 months old, and the Tannoy would be brand new and the same price as the Dali. I am using a Pioneer vsx-923 av receiver and would be using it mainly to watch movies in a small living room.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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RE: Dali Zensor 3 or Tannoy Revolution DC6?

i would reccomend the dali zensor 3 myself as i own some, tried them against the MA bronze BX2 in february and the dali's sounded better. and the bass is better for movies, very good reviews for these speakers and the richer sounds staff all spoke highly of them

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