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Test Equipment

What happens to the test equipment once you've fully reviewed it?

Keep it, return it, prizes for future competitions?


Also how did you (what hi-fi) fund your default testing equipment? Donations from the manufacturer, finance from Haymarket?

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RE: Test Equipment

Speaking of prizes for competitions, whatever happened to the Humax in December? It seems that nobody won it!!!


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RE: Test Equipment

vpacalypse wrote:

What happens to the test equipment once you've fully reviewed it?

Keep it, return it, prizes for future competitions?


I believe JD borrows it for a couple of years


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RE: Test Equipment

Ian Rankin had some interesting things to say on the subject of what used to happen to equipment submitted for review in his time as a hi-fi journalist and editor for the magazine 'Hi-fi Review'. (The best stuff ended up in his living room - on 'permanent loan' or for long-term assessment  -  along with all the freebie LPs too.)

Obviously nothing of the sort would ever happen nowadays.


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RE: Test Equipment

The majority of the equipment we test is on loan from the manufacturer. We return it when we've finished.  Where we've had to buy the kit, we usually sell it on.

If we want to keep something longer, because we feel it is a reference at its price point, we can usually arrange an extended loan.

Our reference equipment is all on loan to us. The rate of change of home electronics is such that this is the only way we can ensure having current references in each of the  many product categories we deal with.

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RE: Test Equipment

Oh.  I thought drummerman was on the right track...

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