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Sleek Audio SA6/W-1 review

They're expensive, but these Sleek Audio earphones deliver a great sound, and are easy to fit into the ear Tested at £250.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

A tad expensive, maybe, but these are the wireless earphones to own


  • Dynamics, detail and clarity
  • custom fitting


  • Light bass
  • expensive

Although these Sleek Audios are somewhat on the expensive side, we're happy to report that these are the best sounding wireless earphones we've come across for a while.

The earphones are joined by a wireless receiver, which talks to a digital transmitter that can be connected to any device with a headphone output.

The devices are paired out of the box and a choice of three in-ear buds allows us to get the fitting spot on. The sound delivered has dynamics, detail and clarity.

Bass is a little light and they're still a touch expensive for what's on offer, but if you have the money and like the dongle set-up, these are the wireless ears of choice.

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