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Walmart Black Friday: this is the best 65-inch 4K TV deal around

Walmart Black Friday: this is the best 65-inch 4K TV deal around
(Image credit: Philips)

If you're looking for a deal on a big-screen TV this Black Friday, look no further. Walmart has slashed the price of the 65-inch Philips 65PFL5504 4K TV by a massive 44 per cent, bringing it down from $499 to just $278.

That's a saving of about $220, and a fantastic price for a TV of this size from such a reputable brand. A brand that is, of late, on a roll.

Philips 65PFL5504 4K HDR10 TV $499 $278
This 65-inch set boasts 4K, HDR and BrightPro tech to adjust the brightness to the optimum level. Android TV puts all the best-known apps at your fingertips, while Google Assistant lets you control the TV - as well as your other smart home devices - just by speaking.View Deal

While we haven't reviewed this set, and so can't wholly vouch for its quality, Philips is known for making very good TVs. And on paper, this certainly looks to be one of them.

The Philips 65PFL5504 stands 65 inches big and boasts 4K and HDR10, so you can enjoy more lifelike images from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other sources that support these technologies.

It runs Android TV, which is one of the most comprehensive TV operating systems around, and gives you easy access to all the big-name apps (such as Netflix, Vudu and YouTube), as well as voice control using Google Assistant.

Under $300 is a great price for a 4K TV of this size, so don't expect stock to hang around too long.