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Save $600 on the awesome 65-inch LG CX OLED with this early Black Friday TV deal

Save $600 on the awesome 65-inch LG CX OLED with this early Black Friday TV deal
(Image credit: LG / Paatal Lok, Amazon Prime)

The LG CX is arguably the best OLED TV available in the US, and it's now available for the lowest price we've seen, courtesy of a $600 discount at Best Buy.

This early Black Friday deal will be particularly exciting for those people looking for a new TV to go with their new PS5 or Xbox Series X, as the LG CX has all of the gaming features you could possibly need, including 4K@120Hz, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). It's arguably the best gaming TV out there, and the LG CX is also great for everything else you watch, too.

The CX really is the pick of LG's 2020 TV range. The BX is more affordable, but it uses an older-generation chip, and while you can spend more money on a GX, RX or WX, none of those models offer a better picture than the CX as the upgrades for those are focused on audio and aesthetics.

So, in performance-per-pound terms, the CX was already the model to get, and it's even more so with this huge discount.

The performance is superb. The perfect blacks and near-perfect viewing angles we're used to from OLED, combine with bright, punchy whites and vibrant but natural colors. LG's motion processing in 2020 is the best it's ever been, too, and its OLEDs continue to impress in terms of upscaling 1080p and standard-def content.


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