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NEWS: Sony launches Bravia portable range

New from Sony is a pair of new portable Bravia flatscreen TVs, and instead of silver or black – or indeed silver and black – they come in Glossy Mocha, or brown to the rest of us.

20in and 23in LCD models are available in the Bravia B4050 range, and the TVs have a integral handgrip to the rear to allow them to be carried around, and are self-supporting, with no stand.

There's an HDMI socket - two on the 23in - along with Scart and the sets also offer Bravia Theatre Sync technology for one-button operation with other Sony equipment.

Dolby Virtual and BBE ViVa processing are used to create surround sound from stereo sources, and the sets have a low-power standby mode, consuming just 0.7W.

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