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NEWS: See Spiderman 3 (and Ocean's 13) on Sony’s awesome 4K super-HD projector

If you think Blu-ray and HD DVD images look great, wait until you see Sony’s 4K high-definition projection system in action. We’ve just watched Spiderman 3 on the system, and believe us, it’s awesome! The picture resolution is twice that of high-definition TV.

Sony has kitted out three screens at the Odeon in Guildford with its 4K system as part of the company’s D-Cinema project, and after the success of Spiderman 3 has just begun showing Ocean’s 13 in HD as well. “The ‘wow’ factor of this new super high-definition CineAlta projection system is incredible,” says Sony’s Carl Pring. “The pictures are stunning – much better than you achieve on even our best home cinema systems.”

Sony's 4k projector is a beast of a machine – here are a few of key stats:

  • 4096 x 2160 picture resolution (double that of HDTV)
  • 8 million pixels vs 2 million for HDTV
  • 1.5m high
  • 1.4m deep
  • weighs 300Kg

At its heart sits a 4.2kW bulb (the average household bulb is 60W) and light from here is bounced off mirrors and through a prism to be split into red, green and blue streams. Each of these then goes through a 1.55in flat-panel display based on Sony’s SXRD (Silicon Crystal Display) technology before being combined and magnified through a lens as wide as a man’s hand.

And the best news is that you can see the system in action yourself by booking a ticket at the Odeon Guildford (0871 22 44 007).

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