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New fibre-optic deal to provide 'dishless' Sky TV to new homes

Sky's full range of premium TV services – including Sky+ HD – could no longer require the need for a satellite dish as the result of a new agreement with British utility and networks provider GTC.

The partnership will mean that customers on GTC's new-build fibre optic networks will get the chance to receive Sky TV, fixed-line home phone and 300Mbps broadband in one package.

GTC has confirmed that households that receive their fibre broadband from them will be offered a full range of Sky's premium TV services without the need for an individual satellite dish.

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TV, internet and other services would be provided via fibre optic cables into new-build homes using a Fibre Integrated Reception Server, which includes a central receiver and aerial array.

GTC commercial operations director Andrew Robinson said: "GTC's fibre networks will offer best-in-class services long into the future for the buyers of their new homes.

Sky head of homes and independent retail Brendan Hegarty added: "We look forward to making Sky TV available to even more homes through this innovative co-promotion."

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by Pete Hayman

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