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Bose deal: Save up to $60 on Bose SoundLink speakers

Bose deals: Save up to $60 on Bose SoundLink speakers

If you think of brands associated with wireless speakers, it's never long before Bose springs to mind. The US brand has nearly every kind in its arsenal, from portable to smart to TV speakers.

One of its popular, mid-priced ranges is SoundLink, which includes the SoundLink Micro, SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ speakers that are now on sale in several US retailers. 

With savings of up to $60 to be had, now's the time to splurge, Bose fans. The Micro has dropped from $99 to $79, while the Revolve is now $159 after shedding $40, and the Revolve+ enjoys the biggest saving, reduced from $299 to $239.

We haven't reviewed all three of these models, but the Revolve we called a "talented Bose speaker". For such a small speaker, the Bose Revolve delivers a surprisingly big and bold sound, with plenty of detail alongside decent helpings of punch and solidity.

You can click though to the SoundLink Micro, Revolve and Revolve+ deals below.