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Bluesound now supports Tidal lossless music service

The Tidal music streaming service officially launched earlier this week, joining Qobuz in offering CD-quality, lossless tracks to stream to your phone, tablet or computer.

Tidal promised at launch that plenty of manufacturer agreements were in place to bring the service to more devices, and Bluesound, the high-res multi-room music system, is the first out of the blocks to confirm support.

The BluOS 1.12.1 firmware update for the Bluesound range of products is available to download today, and brings with it support for the Tidal music service. Other minor software improvements are also said to be included in the update.

John Banks, chief brand officer for Bluesound, said: “Like Bluesound, Tidal focuses on delivering no-compromise lossless sound quality to maximize the listening experience. This partnership fits with our mission to bring high quality audio to music enthusiasts everywhere. This is truly Living HiFi and it’s absolutely killer.”

Bluesound took home our multi-room system Product of the Year Award, being our favourite premium system thanks to its excellent sound, ease of use and high-res audio support. The addition of Tidal, which looks like a promising rival to the likes of Spotify, can surely only be a good thing.

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