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Black Friday headphones: save £150 on Award-winning over-ear headphones

Black Friday headphones deal: save £150 on these Award-winning over-ears
(Image credit: Beyerdynamic)

Black Friday is only one week away, and it looks like there's no let up in the torrent of deals. And especially headphone deals. Now you can nab the Award-winning Beyerdynamic Amiron over-ear headphones for £399 – that's £50 off the previous price, and a whopping £146 cheaper than the launch price.

That's a great price for these excellent premium headphones. Even better, the deal is available at more than one retailer, which gives you more choice when it comes to delivery, convenience and warranty.

Beyerdynamic Amiron over-ear headphones
£449 £399 at Amazon
£449 £399 at Sevenoaks
£50 off is a great deal, especially when you consider the Amiron launch price was closer to £500. There are definitely much cheaper headphones around, but if it's audio quality and a premium finish that you prize, look no further.View Deal

The Beyerdynamic Amiron are some of the comfiest headphones we've tested. That's because the ear cups and headband are made from suede-like microfibres and microvelour. They also weigh very little indeed – you could wear these for hours without any complaints.

Being open-backed, they do leak sound, so everyone around will know exactly what you're listening to - these are best reserved for home listening. That's par for the course with open-backed headphones, and the pay-off is a more open, spacious sound. And it helps deliver an overall audio quality that is simply superb.

They keep a good grip on high frequencies without any harshness, while the midrange is clear and natural. And there’s a tightness to their timing that few over-ears can match.

There’s no question that the Beyerdynamic Amiron can dig down into the lower frequencies either, even without the same emphasis on bass as some of their closed-back rivals. One listen, and we think you'll be sold – especially at this price.


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