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Audio Affair, Birmingham to host three open days this summer

On each open day, there will be light refreshments, 10% off all purchases and free gifts for everyone to take away with. Additional upcoming events are as follows:

Valve Amplifiers Open Day (18th June)
Featuring products...
• Ayon Audio
• Fatman
• Shanling STP 80
• Shanling STP10
• Shanling CDT 2000
• Icon Audio
• Peachtree Audio iDecco
• Pure Sound L300
• Pure Sound M845
• Unison Research

CD & Music Servers Open Day (23rd July)
Featuring products...
• Olive 2
• Olive 3HD
• Olive 4HD
• Olive 6HD
• Ripnas
• Sonos
• Yamaha NPS2000

Turntables Open Day (20th August)
Featuring products....
• Roksan Radius 5.2
• SME Model 10
• Townshend Rock 7
• Project Xpression
• Project Xtension

People who wish to attend can click the “I’m attending” link on Audio Affair's Facebook Events pages, or ring directly to confirm their place on 0121 224 7300.

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