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Arcam's miniBlink streaming DAC now available to buy in the UK

Arcam has finally confirmed that the "high-definition Bluetooth micro-format streaming DAC" is now available to buy in the UK after a brief delay. This dinky device will let you play music from "almost any device" and can be yours for £89.

A small, compact unit, the miniBlink is based on its bigger brother – the rBlink – and includes the company's re-engineered BluetoothHD with aptX codec. Arcam is confident that you can transform any "form of audio" to stream your music.

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The miniBlink supposedly offers 30db extra headroom over normal Bluetooth, as well as lower distortion. It has also been "engineered as high-end hi-fi" and has a signal that is reclocked and dejittered before being fed into the high-end DAC.

An internal aerial and a 3.5mm output jack can be found as part of the pebble-like unit, while power is supplied via a micro USB cable from the mains or a compatible socket on a computer, as well as the rCube sound dock's own USB socket.

Arcam MD Charlie Brennan said: "Simply put, the miniBlink sounds better than any other Bluetooth streamer made, apart from our own £160 rBlink. The quality is so good, that in demos, most listeners are convinced they are hearing a CD player."

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