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11 best Christmas gift ideas under £200

11 best Christmas gift ideas under £200
(Image credit: Future)

We have already listed our favourite Christmas gift ideas £50-£100, but if you are prepared to spend a little more, you'll find an even greater choice of quality AV kit to gift to your friends and family this year.

Our latest guide includes an awesome pair of budget standmount speakers, a brilliant Blu-ray player, a terrific tablet, a 4K TV streaming box, a box set for Star Wars fans... and a partridge in a pear tree (possibly).

Dali Spektor 2

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Dali)

If someone you know could do with a top-class pair of budget standmounters to bring them some Christmas cheer, these Dali Spektor 2s could be just the thing.

There’s a pleasing level of detail and a great sense of organisation. The Dali Spektor 2s deliver music with considerable finesse, precision and energy, which means they're guaranteed to get the Christmas party started.

Grado GW100

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Future)

These Grado GW100 wireless headphones might not suit everyone – they're open-back, which means they leak sound both in and out – but if you know someone who likes listening to music while pottering around the house or garden, they are ideal.

The plus side is a performance that's Grado through and through, meaning those favourite classic Christmas tunes will come across loud and clear.

Sony UBP-X700

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

A price drop has brought this Award-winning Sony 4K Blu-ray player under the £200 mark, meaning that as well as a superb picture, the UBP-X700 makes watching 4K discs an affordable reality.

It supports all forms of HDR, including Dolby Vision, which means it should be futureproofed for many Christmas movie sessions to come.

Roberts Stream 94i

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

With its appealing retro design and a feature set that includes DAB, FM, internet radio and Bluetooth, the Roberts Stream 94i radio is the perfect all-round package. And, with Spotify Connect built-in, the Stream 94i allows you to stream your own tunes over a network.

Know a relative whose music system needs bringing into the 21st Century? This modern twist on the classic radio could be the perfect Christmas gift.

Star Wars: Episodes I-VI Steelbook Collection (Blu-ray)

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Amazon)

Your friends and family might have watched Star Wars more times than they care to admit, but for the true fan, the films will never get old. 

Even if they already have one or two discs in their collection, this set of Star Wars Steelbook Blu-rays will be an awesome upgrade. If you're thinking of buying a Blu-ray DVD box set this Christmas, you won't go wrong with this.

Sony PS-LX310BT

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Sony)

The Sony PS-LX310BT is an excellent ‘my first turntable’ option, but it's much more than that. This fully automatic deck is one of the best around at this price.

Other players might offer a superior sound, but this Sony makes up for it with a built-in phono stage and Bluetooth. It's also ridiculously user-friendly, resoundingly listenable and fun – which counts for a lot at Christmas, right?

Audiolab M-DAC nano

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Audiolab)

Sure, your present won't stand out in the pile under the tree, but it's not all about the size of the package, as the Audiolab M-DAC nano proves.

If someone you know wants to improve their sound on the move, then you won’t find a similarly priced DAC alternative that is so convenient, yet so capable.

Apple TV 4K

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

Know someone who's recently bought a 4K TV? Well, this Christmas could be the time to give them some 4K content to play on it. The Apple TV 4K streamer boasts impressive picture and sound quality and has an attractive user interface. 

But the main attraction of Apple's box of streaming tricks is its huge library of movies – many of which are available in 4K HDR, and some of which are Christmas classics.

Apple iPod Touch (2019)

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Apple)

There are plenty of great portable music players around, but the latest Apple iPod Touch (2019) is still the one you'd want to find in your Christmas stocking this year.

The Touch does much more than just play music and, at this price, it's a bargain. This is the seventh generation of this modern classic, showing that, even in an era of smartphone streaming and premium hi-res PMPs, there is still a place for the iPod.

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) tablet

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Amazon)

If you want a tablet, but an Apple iPad is out of reach, then the latest Amazon Fire HD 10 is a fine affordable alternative. 

It is weighted towards Amazon and its content – you won't find google or YouTube apps here – but if you can work around that, the 1920 x 1200 screen delivers a great picture, and the tablet also serves up a decent sound. At this price, it's a great buy.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Best Christmas gift ideas under £200

(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

If an impressive wire-free sound is your sole concern, the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 earbuds are hard to beat in their price category.

These budget-conscious true wireless in-ears offer a cohesive, expansive and rhythmically driven sound, but also an intuitive, playful character that few wireless earbuds boast at the price.