Best iPhone headphones

Whether you want to use a Lightning connection, go wireless via Bluetooth, or just to upgrade from the original EarPods while retaining full remote control functionality, we've rounded up the best headphones for the iPhone. And we've covered a range of prices to give you the widest choice possible.


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Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEi

If it’s style and substance you’re after, the Momentum M2 in-ears deserve your attention. These attractive buds look the part and they blow the EarPods out of the water when it comes to sound quality.


1.3m cable | 3.5mm jack | Inline controls

Reasons to Buy
Comfortable fit
Attractive design
Wonderfully clear and detailed sound
Tight, full-bodied bass
Expressive mids and highs
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note



Thanks to their excellent build quality, these are the perfect partners for any compatible iPhone.


On-ear design | 50mm driver | 4 finishes

Reasons to Buy
Rhythmic, clear and detailed
Time well
Dynamic and punchy
Reasons to Avoid
Sources might need to be turned up
Ears get warm after a while


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-ear

Sennheiser also has the over-ear category all sewn up. These fold, making them easy to sling in a bag, and boast beautifully detailed sound performance. Like their in-ear counterparts, they come with a three-button remote, too.


Foldable design | In-line remote | Android and iOS versions

Reasons to Buy
Gorgeous design
Comfy fit
Beautifully detailed, balanced and full-bodied sound
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note


AKG N60NC Wireless

These wireless AKG headphones offer excellent sound quality and Bluetooth performance with added noise-cancelling. An impressive package.


Noise cancellation | Compact design | aptX Bluetooth

Reasons to Buy
Great noise cancellation
Comfy build
Solid bass
Well balanced
Clear midrange and treble
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note


Bowers & Wilkins PX

B&W's first ever noise-cancellers are headphones of the highest order and sound quality is second-to-none at this price.


Bluetooth/noise-cancelling | 22hr battery life | Proximity sensors built-in | USB-C connector

Reasons to Buy
Transparent, detailed sound
Excellent dynamics
Impeccable sense of timing
Clever, intuitive features
Impressive noise-cancelling
Good battery life
Fine build
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing significant



Heading to the gym? You'll need headphones up to the task. These are comfy and their easy-going presentation is one you could listen to for hours.


60-120cm cable length | Ambient ear plugs | IPX7 washable

Reasons to Buy
Balanced, detailed sound
Fast and punchy
Secure, comfortable fit
‘Open’ ear buds for less noise isolation
Choice of cable length
Reasons to Avoid
Rivals have more subtlety
No volume controls on mic
No case


Philips Fidelio M2L

A refined performance that’s detailed, dynamic and full of energy. If you want a wired connection to your iPhone X, these are the headphones for you.


On-ear controls | 40mm drivers | Apple Lightning connection

Reasons to Buy
Punchy, energetic sound
Deep, controlled bass
Clear, detailed midrange
Strong sense of timing
Impressive dynamics
Reasons to Avoid
Slightly tight grip
Cable lacks flexibility