Best AKG headphones, on-ear, wireless and noise-cancelling are all on its menu. So which is right for you? These are the 10 best pairs we've reviewed recently, covering a range of styles and catering for all budgets. They're guaranteed to make the most of your personal listening.

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In-ear under £100


These sounded more expensive than the £100 they cost when we first heard them, and the price has only gone one way since...


In-ear | Ported design | 3 pairs of ear tips

Reasons to Buy
Excellent mid and treble detail
Reasons to Avoid
Very keen sub-bass
Would flourish with greater airiness

In-ear under £500


If you can a) give them the right source and b) tolerate the rather invasive fit, the Award-winning N40s are exceptional performers.


Swappable filters | Universal remote and mic | Flight adapter

Reasons to Buy
Excellent build
Comfortable as in-ears get
Capable of stunning sound
Reasons to Avoid
Need a serious source to get more than mediocrity from them
Swappable filters seem unnecessary

In-ear under £1000

AKG K3003i

Not the only pair of outrageously expensive in-ear headphones we've tested, but among the very best.


Stainless steel casings | Balanced armature design | Interchangeable filters

Reasons to Buy
Stunningly agile, detailed sound
brilliant bass authority and precision
superb finish
Reasons to Avoid
The vast majority of portables aren’t good enough to do the AKGs justice

Wireless under £150


The Bluetooth version of the oustanding Y50s still sound fantastic and are more affordable than ever.


Built-in battery | 20hr battery ife | Micro USB charging

Reasons to Buy
Impressive clarity, detail and dynamics
Easy to use
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Wireless under £250

AKG N60NC Wireless

Bluetooth, noise-cancelling and brilliant audio quality come together in a slick, stylish (and, let's not forget, Award-winning) package.


Noise cancellation | Compact design | aptX Bluetooth

Reasons to Buy
Great noise cancellation
Comfy build
Solid bass
Well balanced
Clear midrange and treble
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Noise-cancelling under £250


Not for the first time, we recommend the N60NCs. Great sound, great noise-cancelling tech, perfect for your travels.


Rechargeable | 30hr battery life | Micro USB charging

Reasons to Buy
Clear, punchy sound
Musical; balanced
Effective noise-cancellation
Very portable
Smart design
Reasons to Avoid

On-ear under £50


They're on the bulky side, but the K72s remain fantastic value for money.


Closed-back | Self-adjusting headband | Lightweight construction

Reasons to Buy
Excellent value
Very comfortable
Reasons to Avoid
Coloured, boxy mids

On-ear under £100


Sound quality? Check. Style points? Check. In fact, we love the Y50s so much, we've given them a What Hi-Fi? Award four years in a row. Need we say more?


On-ear design | 50mm driver | 4 finishes

Reasons to Buy
Rhythmic, clear and detailed
Time well
Dynamic and punchy
Reasons to Avoid
Sources might need to be turned up
Ears get warm after a while

On-ear under £200

AKG K550

Closed-back monsters so profoundly and rousingly musical they're still winning What Hi-Fi? Awards five years after we first heard them.


50mm drivers | Over-ear design | Black finish

Reasons to Buy
Beefy build
Spacious, detailed and natural sound
Reasons to Avoid
Pretty big
Sound much better than they look

On-ear under £1000

AKG K812

Much more affordable than they used to be, but the K812s are still far from cheap. What they are, however, is among the most articulate headphones you'll hear at anything like this price.

Reasons to Buy
Impressive detail resolution and transparency
Well-built and beautifully engineered
Reasons to Avoid
Need a top-class system to shine