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Best gaming TVs 2019: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo

Best gaming TVs Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s round-up of the best gaming TVs you can buy in 2019.

If you want to amp up your favourite video game, it's worth splashing out on a bigger, brighter telly – one with deeper blacks that will immerse you in the action.

Broadly speaking, a TV that's generally great should also be great for games, but there are a few gaming-specific features to look out for. The big one is input lag, which tells you how long your gamepad button presses will take to appear as onscreen actions. Lower is better, but anything below 40ms will be imperceptible to almost all gamers, and 20ms or less is lightning-fast.

A couple of next-gen gaming features are starting to appear, too – Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) are both part of the HDMI 2.1 spec, but are available via some TVs with HDMIs that are certified as 2.0. 

VRR matches the TV's refresh rate to the frame rate being output by the console in real-time, resulting in a smoother, faster gaming experience – you'll need an Xbox One X or One S, or a PC in order to take advantage, though.

ALLM is simpler: it just means that your TV will automatically switch to its 'game mode' to reduce input lag when it senses a signal from your games console.

But those specific gaming features aren't the be-all-and-end-all. What you really get from the best gaming TVs is the punch and vibrancy to do justice to brighter, flashier games, but also a natural balance that doesn't oversaturate those tonally subtler blockbusters, such as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Black depth is important for delivering drama, too, but you want to be able to see plenty of detail in shadows, so avoid a TV with a reputation for crushing dark detail and be sure to tweak the brightness/gamma setting for your game – most titles have a specific option for this.

HDR is a must, of course, as all versions of the PS4 and the Xbox One X and One S output HDR, and it would be a mistake not to get a 4K screen, even if you don't yet have a 4K console. The good news is that it's now pretty hard to buy a TV that doesn't have 4K and HDR. (We'll hold fire on mentioning the possibility of 8K games on the forthcoming PS5.)

Right, that's the broad strokes. Want some specific models? Read on and be sure to keep an eye on our Black Friday deals page for the best bargains.

Best gaming TVs 2019: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo

(Image credit: Future)

1. Samsung Q90R

The ultimate gaming TV


Resolution: 4K | HDR formats: HDR 10, HDR 10+, HLG | Input lag: ~15ms | Operating system: Tizen | HDMI: 4 | Dimensions (hwd) w/o stand: 83 x 145 x 4cm

Reasons to Buy

Bright and punchy but also natural
Deep, detailed blacks
One Connect keeps things neat
Great gaming features

Reasons to Avoid

Others sound better

If money is no object, Samsung's mighty Q90R ticks all your boxes and then some. Its QLED technology makes it brighter and punchier than its OLED rivals, but it's also naturally balanced and realistic – a best of all worlds approach.

Input lag is very low indeed, both VRR and ALLM are supported, and there are some neat extra features available for the Game Mode, including a motion smoother and black detail enhancer.

It's basically the most gaming-friendly TV out there – and it's great with everything else, too.

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Best gaming TVs 2019: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo

(Image credit: Future / Jack Ryan, Amazon Prime)

2. Samsung UE43RU7470

This is the best budget gaming TV around


Type: LCD | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | Input lag: ~14ms | HDMI inputs: 3 | Dimensions (hwd) w/o stand: 56 x 97 x 5.8cm

Reasons to Buy

Excellent 1080p upscaling
Impressive HDR performance
Very low input lag

Reasons to Avoid

Panel not the brightest

For a size of TV that is all too often overlooked, we’re delighted to see that Samsung has served up a stunner for the average household with the modestly priced and brilliantly performing UE43RU7470.

This Samsung seems like impossibly good value. It ticks all the right tech boxes – HDR, 4K, an excellent smart platform and arguably the best TV user interface around – and delivers a detailed, colourful picture.

And not only do games look great played in the RU7470, they perform brilliantly, too, thanks to super-low input lag.

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Best gaming TVs 2019: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo

(Image credit: LG)

3. LG OLED65C9

Dynamic picture and atmospheric sound


Resolution: 4K | HDR formats: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG | Input lag: ~13ms | Operating system: webOS | HDMI: 4 | Optical: 1 | Dimensions w/o stand (HWD): 83 x 145 x 4.7cm

Reasons to Buy

Dramatically deep blacks
Fabulous contrast
Rich colour balance
Extremely low input lag

Reasons to Avoid

Not quite as punchy as the Q90R 

The LG C9 is simply the best OLED you can buy right now, and it makes a great choice for gamers. It might not go as bright as the Samsung above, but its blacks are deeper and more dramatic, and overall contrast is stunning. There's a richness to the colour palette that works really well, particularly with brighter, more vibrant games.

The HDMIs are actually HDMI 2.1-certified, so they support VRR and ALLM, and the TV can handle Dolby Vision (a few Xbox games support this). The input lag figure of around 13ms is about as low as it gets, too.

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Best gaming TVs 2019: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo

(Image credit: Future)

4. Panasonic TX-50GX800B

A very good gaming TV for the money


Resolution: 4K | HDR formats: HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG | Input lag: ~13ms | Operating system: My Home Screen 4.0 | HDMI: 3 | Optical: 1 | Dimensions w/o stand (HWD): 71 x 112 x 2.4cm

Reasons to Buy

Support all HDR formats
Smooth, natural performance
Lots of detail

Reasons to Avoid

Weak viewing angles
Others are punchier
Average sound

If you need to keep a tight rein on your budget, this gaming TV offers impressive performance at a tempting price. The big news overall with the GX800 is that it offers support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+, unlike the two more expensive models above.

HDR10+ isn't (yet) a concern for gaming, but having all of the HDR bases covered is no bad thing. What's more, the Panasonic offers low input lag and ALLM support.

This 50in model is great for an immersive gaming experience without completely taking over the lounge (it's also available in 40in, 58in and 65in sizes), and the natural balance makes it a real all-rounder for games. You won't get the punch or crisp three-dimensionality of the TVs above, but for the money, this is a great choice.

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Best gaming TVs 2019: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo

(Image credit: Future / The Expanse, Amazon Prime)

5. Samsung UE49RU8000

Ideal if you want a quality 49in gaming TV, but can’t stretch to a QLED.


Type: LCD with edge-lit LED backlight | Resolution: 4K | HDR support: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision | Input lag: ~13ms **HDMI inputs:** 4 | Dimensions (hwd, with stand): 70.1 x 110 x 23.7cm

Reasons to Buy

Brilliantly sharp and detailed
Nicely balanced colours
Dedicated gaming features

Reasons to Avoid

Could go blacker
More premium models go brighter

Samsung's QLED TVs might grab the headlines, but there's loads of value to be had further down the company's TV ranges. Take the UE49RU8000 - it's a fantastic 49in set that offers a big chunk of the performance of its more expensive models at a fraction of the price.

It boasts one of the best operating systems in the business, caters for all major flavours of HDR, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, and has no fewer than four HDMI inputs for all your sources. And picture quality isn't bad, either. Crisply drawn edges, impressive detail levels and punchy bright colours are the order of the day here, especially with 4K content. 

Gamers will also be pleased by the RU8000’s super-low input lag of 13.1ms. It also has a couple of gaming-specific features (such as variable refresh rate) and picture settings (including a dark detail enhancer) that help to make it an excellent gaming monitor.

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Best gaming TVs 2019: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo

(Image credit: Sony)

6. Sony KD-65XG9505

A near-flagship performance for much less than flagship money


Resolution: 4K | HDR formats: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG | Input lag: ~20ms | Operating system: Android | HDMI: 4 | Optical: 1 | Dimensions w/o stand (HWD): 83 x 145 x 6.9cm

Reasons to Buy

Detailed, nuanced picture
Bright, vibrant and natural
Excellent motion
Innovative sound solution

Reasons to Avoid

Blacks could be deeper
Some backlight blooming
Poor viewing angles

£2000 is no small amount to spend on a TV, but compared to the Samsung and LG options above, that price makes this Sony a bit of a bargain – particularly as it offers a performance that's not far off flagship-level.

Images aren't quite as deep and involving as those of either the Samsung Q90 or LG C9, and the backlight is a touch inconsistent, but make peace with those comparative flaws and you can have a big, bright and detailed picture for a good deal less.

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