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Trade your existing equipment for money off the best new kit from NAD, Bluesound and PSB – and now Denon and Yamaha, too

“Well, it still gets the job done.”

If you find yourself saying this sort of thing about your hi-fi or AV equipment, you may have the wrong hi-fi or AV equipment. This gear is supposed to entertain and inspire you with incredible sound and images, not simply ‘do the job’.

It could be time for a change – and if so, Sevenoaks Sound and Vision’s Technology Trade In can help provide it. If you have a qualifying CD player, amplifier, speakers, AV receiver or wireless speaker that you want to upgrade, you can part-exchange it for the latest equipment from NAD, Bluesound, PSB, Yamaha and Denon, offsetting a hearty chunk of the cost.

For example, you could trade in your old analogue AV amp for a Yamaha RX-A670 with 7.2-channel Dolby Atmos, saving £100 in the process. Or you could trade your old stereo speakers for £150 off a Bluesound Pulse Soundbar, making it a cornerstone of a new multi-room music system (and a very fine home cinema solution to boot).

So, you get the latest new kit for less, and find a new home for your outgoing gadgets at the same time. Double win.

Here are a few more example savings:


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And remember, you’ll need to hurry – the Technology Trade In ends this week!