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Sevenoaks Sound and Vision
Sevenoaks Sound and Vision has laid on literally hundreds of offers on hi-fi and home cinema kit

Much like you probably give your wardrobe a good sort-out, swapping your summer clothes for coats and jumpers and battery-powered heated socks (no, really, they’re awesome), the folk at Sevenoaks Sound and Vision are having a good clear-out in their stockrooms.

But rather than taking a load of stuff up to the loft until next year, they’re putting it out for sale – at some fantastically reduced prices. Some are open-box – which might mean they’ve been on display in one of our stores or returned by a customer… or they might even be review models tested in the likes of What Hi-Fi?’s listening rooms. And there’s plenty more that’s sealed up, never used, and ready for you to enjoy.

To get your hands on the kit, have a look online for the product you’re interested in. You can contact the branch that has it listed directly to find out more about it or, if it’s on mail-order, email us directly. All the offers come with a full warranty (unless stated), our regular returns policy applies, too.

Here’s a sample of what you can look forward to…

B&W P3 headphones RRP £169, clearance price £99

NAD C 375BEE integrated amplifier RRP £1199, clearance price £729

NAD C 546BEE CD player RRP £499, clearance price £299

Naim SuperUniti streaming/DAB system RRP £3785, clearance price £2899

Naim UnitiLite CD/streaming/DAB system RRP £2055, clearance price £1599

Podspeakers MiniPod BT Bluetooth speakers RRP £499, clearance price £269

Project VT-E turntable RRP £229, clearance price £189

Rotel RA-10 amplifier RRP £349, clearance price £229

For more information – and for more equipment than you could ever fit into your house (although wouldn’t that be lovely?) – click here >>