Xgimi unveils the world's first IMAX Enhanced long throw projector at CES

Xgimi Horizon Max projector on a bronze background with the subtitle: The world's fist IMAX Enhanced Long Throw Smart Projector
(Image credit: Xgimi)

We certainly can't knock Xgimi's ambitions, as it made headlines with a "world first" projector released in 2023. Just six months ago we were taking a look at the Horizon Ultra, which was the world's first Dolby Vision-compatible long throw projector; and we assumed that's about as far as the company would take its Horizon series. Well, the brand's latest reveal at CES has proven us wrong, as the Ultra has been surpassed by a new model.

Introducing the Horizon Max, which Xgimi is claiming to be the world's first IMAX Enhanced long throw projector. It shares a lot of DNA with its Ultra sibling, including a similar boxy design and Dual Light source which combines laser and LED. In fact, the Max uses the updated 2.0 edition of the Dual Light system, which Xgimi claims will result in an ultra-wide colour gamut and ultra-high brightness, with Xgimi stating an impressive 3100 ISO Lumens (or roughly 3875 ANSI Lumens). That means the Max will reportedly be 35 per cent brighter than the Horizon Ultra – not bad at all.

Unlike the Horizon Ultra, this projector will not support the Dolby picture and sound formats, instead opting for the DTS-derived IMAX technologies, although Xgimi hasn't made it entirely clear as to whether it will support Dolby Atmos or only DTS. Xgimi highlights that IMAX Enhanced is often reserved for premium projector models, but the Horizon Max will make it more accessible to those working on stricter budgets. 

Much like the Horizon Ultra, the Max will include a very user-friendly set-up thanks to auto keystone and focus correction features – in fact, Xgimi is calling this a "projector on autopilot". The Intelligent Screen Adaptation 5.0 (or ISA) system will quickly adjust the picture to best suit the screen or, in many users' cases, the wall that you'll be projecting onto. If you are planning on projecting onto a wall then fear not, as this projector will intelligently recognise different surfaces and adapt the picture as necessary, as did the Horizon Ultra. This means you won't need a perfectly flat white wall to project onto, although we assume this projector can't work miracles so we'll have to test his feature out.

Finally, this projector will have Google TV onboard, which means you'll be able to stream conveniently straight from the projector. This operating system should be familiar to anyone who's used a recent Sony or Philips TV, and we certainly appreciate the 'plug and play' functionality without having to mess about with an external streaming device.

Not only is Xgimi unveiling the Horizon Max at CES, but it will also give a first look at Aladdin – an intriguing hybrid device that acts as a projector, speaker and ceiling light. You might remember the company revealing something similar in 2022 with the Xgimi Magic Lamp. Could this be the international version, as that projector was only released in China?


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