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Best projector deals 2020: portable, Full HD, 4K

Best projector deals: big picture, big savings
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Flatscreen TVs are all well and good, but there really is no alternative to watching films on a big screen.

We've rounded up the best projector deals around right now so you can turn your lounge into a home cinema and have enough money left over for drinks, nibbles and a couple of 4K Blu-rays.

Remember to check out the dimensions and how versatile any potential projector is with positioning before you buy. You don't want to take delivery of a new toy only to discover it's not suitable for your room. To help you, we've also written our own guide on how to set up your projector and get the best picture.

Pricier models will handle 4K content, giving you an incredibly lifelike picture uncovering greater detail, better contrast and more accurate colours. Make sure it has the relevant inputs that support your sources e.g HDMI for a games console or 4K Blu-ray player. Some projectors even include wi-fi and built-in video streaming for the ultimate in convenience.

Right, that's the basics covered. Here's our pick of the best projector deals!

Top 3 projector deals live right now

BenQ W1700 £1600 £899 at Amazon

Optoma UHD40 £1599 £999 at Amazon

Nebula Mars 2 £599.99 £479.99 at Amazon

Epson EH-TW650 £599.99 £479 at Amazon

If you want to spend less than £500 on a projector, this Epson should definitely make your shortlist. Its mighty bright picture is ideal for watching on sunny days, and its colour reproduction is spot-on. An excellent bargain.View Deal

Nebula Mars 2 £599.99 £479.99 at Amazon

This portable projector is fun, quick and enjoyable to use. Set-up requires minimum fuss, and thanks to its wi-fi and built-in apps, you can stream content directly through it. And with £120 off, this lunchbox-sized projector is very tasty indeed.View Deal

BenQ W1700 £1600 £899 at Amazon

Want a 4K projector without the hefty price tag? This could be the one for you. The BenQ delivers a sharp, crisp picture, with impressive upscaling, and all from a small footprint. And with £700 off, it's a deal too good to be missed.View Deal

Optoma UHD300X £999.99 £899.99 at Amazon

A disclaimer: we haven't reviewed this model, so can't vouch for its overall quality. But Optoma has a good track record of making solid, impressive projectors around this price range. And it has a 4.5 Amazon rating from almost 200 reviews.View Deal

Optoma UHD40 £1599 £999 at Audio Visual Online

It's pricier than some, but this projector delivers top-flight performance for (relatively) little cash. Punchy colours meet an insightful level of detail and, with smooth motion and solid upscaling, it's a great step-up from a budget model.View Deal

BenQ W2700 £1391 £1199 at Amazon

This projector handles 4K HDR and Full HD content extremely well. Yet it still manages to be portable and versatile enough for a lot of set-ups. Now with nearly £200 off at Amazon.View Deal