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Best 4K projector deals: big savings on a big picture

Thinking about going big screen? Really big? Buy a projector or upgrade the projector you already have. The good news is that we've done all the legwork for you, so there's no need to invest more than five minutes of your time to find the best 4K projector deals.

We've sifted through the prices of projectors from the likes of Epson, Optoma, LG, JVC, BenQ and more, and hand picked the offers that we like the look of best. Below you'll find a choice of HD and 4K projectors with 3LCD, DLP and even some laser technology too. Keep an eye open for those with connectivity and smart platform options but don't forget that a spare HDMI port is all you need to add some apps of your own. 

All year round, we scour the well-known online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, World Wide Stereo and Crutchfield to keep on top of the very best discounts and prices on all kinds of projectors

We've rounded-up not only the cheapest prices on some of the very best projectors on the market that we've tried and tested, but also the pick of the other projector deals on offer. If we haven't reviewed the projector in question, we'll use our knowledge of the market to let you know what we think of the deal.

Top 3 projector deals live right now

Epson Home Cinema 2250 HD projector $999 $700 (save $300) at Crutchfield

Epson Home Cinema 3800 4K projector: $1700 $1500 (save $200) at Dell

LG CineBeam HU80KA 4K projector $2700 $2397 (save $303) at Newegg

Vankyo Leisure 470 Mini $149 $130 at Best Buy
Not one we've reviewed but this super-budget mini-projector has proved popular with customers. It connects to your tablet or smartphone over wi-fi and will produce a picture of up to 250 inches across. Its native resolution is 1280 x 720, but it supports 1080p Full HD content too.View Deal

Nebula Capsule portable projector $350 $235 at Amazon
When reviewed, we praised the Capsule's "neat design, solid sound and access to streaming services". Its resolution of 854 x 480 pixels is par for the course when it comes to miniature projectors. A brightness of 100 lumens means you'll need a dimly-lit room. Not perfect but it's the best mini around.View Deal

Epson Home Cinema 1060 HD projector $700 $615 at Amazon
A crisp, clear picture with very natural colour reproduction; you simply won’t find this kind of home cinema brilliance at this kind of price elsewhere. This Full HD projector is great for games and films, and is bright enough to use in well lit rooms.View Deal

$300 saving

Epson Home Cinema 2250 HD projector $999 $700 at Crutchfield
Currently cheaper than the 2150, the 2250 is actually the superior machine. Virtually identical but you should get a better picture out of this one as indicated by the 70,000:1 contrast ratio. Not a model we've reviewed though.View Deal

Epson EpiqVision EF-11 HD projector $800 $750 at Crutchfield
The HD mini laser projector can produce a 1080p image of up to 150in at 1000 lumens of brightness, and it can do so with a 360-degree projection angle, meaning that you can place it almost anywhere. It has an HDMI-in and Miracast for screen sharing.View Deal

Epson EF-100 mini-laser HD projector $999 $799 at Crutchfield
There's $200 off this portable laser projector right now. It's simple to set up and store, and gives bright, lively HD images. An Android TV dongle comes in the box, too – plug into the projector's HDMI port and get streaming. Not one we've looked at but tempting with the discount.View Deal

Epson EpiqVision EF-12 HD projector $1000 $900 at Crutchfield
The 1080p mini laser projector has the same imaging tech as the EF-11 above but you also get a 2 x 5W 'Sound by Yamaha' speaker system plus Chromecast, Google Assistant, the Android TV OS and its jam packed app access. Well worth the extra.View Deal

BenQ TK800M 4K projector $1449 $1199 at Best Buy
Here's a great deal on a 4K HDR projector. 3000 lumens of brightness, a 10:000:1 contrast ratio... and good customer reviews on Best Buy. Snap it up now.View Deal

Epson Home Cinema 3200 4K projector $1500 $1300 at Best Buy
This is the best projector at around the thousand pound mark at the moment. Black depth is unsophisticated but contrast, colour and cinematic appeal are well beyond the competition. It's a great starter projector for a budget home cinema set-up.View Deal

BenQ TK850 4K HDR projector $1699 $1499 at Adorama
Not one we've tested but BenQ's HDR-PRO projectors offer an affordable and effective way of getting a 4K picture without breaking the budget. The TK850 is one of the higher-specced HDR-PRO machines and should bring a decent piece of DLP home cinema action into your living room.View Deal

Product of the Year

Epson Home Cinema 3800 4K projector $1700 $1500 at Dell
A very similar proposition to the Epson above but its extra abilities with contrast go a very long way indeed. Well worth spending the extra if in budget. This is an exceptional budget projector.View Deal

Optoma UHD50X 4K projector $1999 $1399 at Amazon
This is a very decent budget 4K projector with some good HDR pop and some of the best black depth you'll find in this price bracket and beyond. It features a powered USB socket and high frame rate HDMI certification for gamers to enjoy.View Deal

BenQ TK850i 4K projector $1799 $1599 at Adorama
This is the smart version of the BenQ TK850 projector above. It has wireless connectivity and access to the Google Play Store and it can also receive content casts from mobile devices through Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.View Deal

Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K projector $2000 $1700 Best Buy
This pixel-shifting 4K projector is one of the more premium models you'll find short of the expense of native 4K. It's sharp, colourful, dynamic and, with $300 knocked off, a hell of a lot cheaper than an actual native 4K projector.View Deal

Epson EpiqVision LS300 UST projector $2000 $1900 at Best Buy
Launched in October 2020, there's already a cheeky discount on this ultra-short throw projector. It can produce a 1080p picture of up to 120in at an impressive sounding brightness of 3600 lumens . There's also a 'Sound by Yamaha' speaker system built-in.

View Deal

Five-star bargain

LG CineBeam HU80KA 4K projector $2700 $2397 at Newegg
This high-end portable projector handles 4K HDR material and comes with connectivity including an app store of its own. With 2500 lumens of brightness and a 150in picture too, it's one of the most feature-complete projectors you'll ever find.View Deal

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K projector $3000 $2800 at Crutchfield
A step up but without the pricey leap to native 4K, this Epson offers splendid picture quality without breaking the bank. There's stunning colours, excellent HDR handling and a really inviting cinematic experience.View Deal


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