Wilson Audio has just launched the most bizarre-looking AV speakers we've ever seen

Wilson Audio Mezzo front on shot
(Image credit: Wilson Audio)

High-end American brand Wilson Audio has launched an eye-catching collection of AV speakers. The quartet comprises the Mezzo CSC centre channel speaker, the WASAE centre channel speaker, Alida CSC multi-channel speaker, and the Submerge subwoofer – all of which put us in mind either of a Ferrari sports car or some leftover panels from Optimus Prime when daubed in a bold red finish (other colours are available).

Let's start with the unmistakable Mezzo CSC centre channel unit (pictured above), and we really don't think we've seen a speaker that looks anything like this before. Putting us in mind of a high-performance car engine, the boldly-styled Mezzo packs in two 20cm bass drivers alongside a 17.8cm midrange and a 2.5cm tweeter which, says Wilson Audio, combine to provide a "new benchmark for multi-channel audio". 

Constructed using precision-engineered materials, including the V-Material found in the mega-high-end Chronosonic XVX and Alexx V speakers, the Mezzo CSC is designed to be the centrepiece of your AV setup, utilising custom-built binding posts and upgraded aluminium woofer baffles which provide greater rigidity and damping for a more harmonious sonic performance. 

Wilson Audio WASAE in red - three quarter shot

The Wilson Audio WASAE centre speakers. (Image credit: Wilson Audio)

Let's move over to the other centre channel speaker, the WASAE Center, and while it might not be quite as striking visually as the Mezzo CSC, Wilson Audio claims it to be no less impressive internally. The new rear-ported loudspeaker offers "superlative listening experiences" thanks to its twin 14.6cm mid/bass and 2.5cm tweeter drivers, again incorporating many of the advanced construction materials for reduced vibration that are found in the Wilson's WAMM Master Chronosonic (only £700,000!).

Next are the Alida CSC multi-channel speakers. A front-ported surface-mount speaker comprising a 14.6cm mid/bass cone alongside a 2.5cm tweeter, the Alida CSC is capable of producing surround sound audio for anyone looking for multi-channel immersion in their home cinema setup.

It's made from high-grade materials, too. The tweeter chamber is made using an advanced carbon composite, whereas the Alida CSC's re-engineered mounting system reduces distortion caused by the speaker interacting with the wall or ceiling. That bracket, incidentally, can be rotated up to 30 degrees for greater sound dispersion across your setup. 

Finally, we arrive at the Wilson Audio Submerge, the active subwoofer which rounds out this quadrumvirate of striking new models. All decent home cinema setups need a proper sub, and Wilson Audio is promising a performer that "reveals the tension and sonic foundation below the surface of your audio experience". 

Kitted out with a large 30.5cm bass driver and 1600W of total amplification power, the sturdy sub has been calibrated to produce a "balanced and lifelike soundstage", with front-facing controls which can be used to fine-tune your sound experience just how you like it. 

Like its debutant siblings, the Submerge also features bespoke, high-end materials designed to reduce unwanted vibration and thus enhance sonic clarity and purity - the way the amplifier plate is mounted, for instance, prevents resonances coming into the amp and distorting your sound. 

The Wilson Audio Mezzo CSC, WASAE Center and Alida CSC will be shipping worldwide from December 22nd, whereas the Submerge subwoofer will begin shipping in March of 2024. The above speakers are available in standard, premium or custom colourway options. The prices for the units with standard paint jobs are as follows:

- Alida CSC: £18,998 per pair
- Mezzo CSC: £22,998
- WASAE Center: £10,500
- Submerge: £31,998 


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