Wilson Audio Alexx V floorstanders adopt technologies from flagship Chronosonics

Wilson Audio Alexx V
(Image credit: Wilson Audio)

Wilson Audio has overhauled the Alexx speaker it released in 2016 to produce an all-new Alexx V model that incorporates many of the top-tier technologies the Utah-based company has created and honed over the past five years.

The 161cm-tall Alexx V sits just below the flagship Chronosonic models and features its open gantry design, which started with the WAMM Master Chronosonic before following into the Chronosonic XVX, enhancing the structural rigidity of the upper modules and minimising pressure trapped between them.

The driver modules – all differently sized to allow for more careful tuning of the frequency band – comprise the 5.75in mid-woofer used in the original Alexx, TuneTot and SabrinaX, coupled to a 7in Alnico (an aluminium, nickel and cobalt alloy) QuadraMag mid unit borrowed from the Chronosonic XVX. 

Sitting up top is an all-new tweeter system called the Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) tweeter, a carbon fibre design, 3D-printed in-house, that builds upon a modified version of the previous Convergent Synergy motor with a new rear-wave chamber.

Down below, meanwhile, are the 10.5in and 12.5in bass drivers originally developed for the Chronsosonic project. The internal volume of the Alexx V's woofer enclosure has increased by 16 per cent over the original Alexx's, making it almost the same as the Chronosonic XVX's volume and helping it achieve deeper low-frequency response.

Every baffle angle of each driver has been refined to increase time alignment accuracy – a key attribute of Wilson Audio's modular designs – with the individually adjustable high- and mid-frequency modules, as well as the presence of a XLF reversible bass port, also helping this case. 

Wilson Audio Alexx V

(Image credit: Wilson Audio)

A revised crossover with fewer components now utilises Wilson Audio's brand-new AudioCapX-WA capacitors, and measures better than the Alexx predecessor in terms of sensitivity and impedance (Alexx V is 1dB more sensitive than Alexx Series 1).

Also down south is Wilson Audio's latest cable management system (as featured on the flagship WAMM Master Chronosonic), as well as an all-new spike system – a combination of austenitic stainless steel and the company's newly designed, resonant-reducing 'V-Material' – which the Alexx V debuts.

Typically for a Wilson Audio speaker, the Alexx V comes in a range of finishes – 21 ‘standard’, ‘upgrade’ and ‘pearl’ colour options, alongside a choice of grille colours, to be precise. And custom-match colours are available upon request. Pricing starts at a cool £139,000 (AU$199,995) per pair, including full installation.


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