What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision South Africa rubs it in...

They had the good grace to leave it until Tuesday, but since then our colleagues on the South African edition of What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision haven't let us forget the result of Saturday's World Cup rugby final, writes Clare Newsome.

The ribbing reached new heights this afternoon with the arrival - instead of the expected issue-cover preview - of the following 'special' cover to celebrate the Springboks victory....

They will, of course, be running with a more familiar red-headed cover, but it's all part of the fun of having an extended family of overseas issues.

As well as the UK issue being distributed around the world, we have a growing number of international editions - South Africa, India, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France, Indonesia, South Korea... with more on their way.

We work closely with our global colleagues on everything from reassessing star ratings to reflect local pricing to translating English idiom ('hit with the ugly stick' didn't play too well, for example).

It's a great relationship to have, even if sporting rivalry does sometimes get in the way....(interestingly, our French colleagues have been strangely silent on the subject of the rugby).