Wharfedale teases Aston and Dovedale stereo speakers

Wharfedale Aston
(Image credit: Future)

Wharfedale has teased two new loudspeakers: the Aston (above, far right) and the Dovedale.

Neither model has been officially launched, nor are they expected to until later this year, but we felt a little preview was in order following a brief appearance at High-End Munich 2022.

The Aston, the smaller of the two, are related to the much-loved Linton. The speakers use "a new woven Kevlar caned bass/midrange unit" soft dome tweeter, feature twin bass ports and have their own custom-designed stands.

Less is known about the Dovedale, but it's a larger three-way speaker with a midrange driver and treble unit both offset.

With 2022 marking the company's 90th anniversary, it seems fitting that both speakers are due to be "Made in the UK" (at Wharfedale's headquarters in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire).

It's too early to talk about pricing, of course, but we'll reveal more just as soon as Wharfedale makes everything official.


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