Vivanco Titan Motorised Wall Bracket
New sub-£200 model offers remote control swivel and tilt, plus three-position memory

New from Vivanco is a motorised addition to its Titan TV wall-bracket range, offering remote-control swivel and tilt operation for just £200.

The Titan Motorised Wall Bracket is designed to fit screens from 26in to 40in, with a maximum weight of 40kg, and offers up to 120 degrees of swivel, or 15 degrees of vertical tilt.

It can be controlled from the infrared handset supplied, or a learning remote, and the bracket also has three memory settings, allowing favourite alignments to be stored for instant recall.

The bracket weighs 10kg, and stands just 6cm off the wall when in its home position, to which it returns when viewing is finished.

It's available now.