toshiba xd-e500
New upscaling/upconversion system designed to 'take DVD picture quality to a whole new level'

Launched this week in a new player, the $150 XD-E500, Toshiba's new XDE image processing technology is designed to 'take DVD picture quality to a whole new level'.

The system – eXtended Detail Enhancement, to give it its full name – combines the upconversion and upscaling to 1080P with user-selectable picture enhancement modes allowing it to 'bring standard DVD quality closer to the HD experience'.

The system claims greater detail, more vivid colors and stronger contrast, according to the company. Three settings are available to the user: Sharp, Colour and Contrast. Toshiba explains these as follows:

* Sharp Mode offers improved detail enhancement that is one step closer to high definition. Edges are sharper and details in movies are more visible. Unlike traditional sharpness control, XDE technology analyzes the entire picture and adds edge enhancement precisely where it's needed. * Color Mode makes the colors of nature stand out with improved richness. Blues and greens are more vivid and lifelike. Color Mode combines the improvement in color with the detail enhancement of Sharp Mode and is ideal for outdoor scenes.    * Contrast Mode is designed to make darker scenes or foregrounds more clearly visible without the typical “washing out” that can occur with traditional contrast adjustment. Recommended for dark scenes where detail may be difficult to notice, Contrast Mode is also combined with Sharp Mode to provide a clearer viewing experience.

As well as XDE, the XD-E500 player offers 1080p/24fps upconversion and upscaling, and common DVD player features such as HDMI-CEC compatibility, DoVx playback, and the ability to handle JPEG, MP3 and WMA files.

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A website has been set up to explain XDE to consumers, but at the time of posting was simply referring visitors back to Toshiba USA's main site.