UPDATE: BBC iPlayer now available on all Humax Freesat boxes via red button

Freesat/BBC iPlayer

Humax has confirmed that all Humax Freesat boxes will now get access to the BBC's iPlayer service by using the famous red button.

Both the Foxsat-HD and the Foxsat-HDR will sniff out the service provided you're connected to your home network and follow these instructions:

So there's a new code compared to the original trial but hopefully this method will now work for everyone with a Humax Freesat box.

Posted 21/01/2010:

Sony yesterday released a software upgrade to enable BBC iPlayer on all the company's Freesat televisions.

If you have a Sony Freesat TV you should now be able to access BBC iPlayer via BBC One by pressing the red button followed by code 5483.

Other manufacturers will be added as and when they have carried out the initial testing with the BBCi Tech Team.

All Freesat HD receivers are expected to have BBC iPlayer enabled within the next few months.

Story posted 11/01/2010:

The BBC and Freesat are to expand the beta trial of iPlayer on the Freesat satellite TV platform by formally releasing the code needed to access the service.

The trial is the first time the BBC iPlayer has been delivered on a subscription- free broadcast TV platform.

It was initially limited to a small number of users, but following "positive feedback from this group and high levels of interest from Freesat users, the trial is now being opened up to all Freesat users who have the right equipment", says Freesat MD Emma Scott.

"With ITV Player also due to launch on Freesat in the first half of this year, we will be the only TV platform to offer catch-up TV services from both major broadcasters on a subscription-free basis and without the need to buy new equipment," adds Scott.

Viewers wishing to access the service will need a Humax Freesat HD or Humax Freesat+ set-top box connected to a satellite dish and to a broadband service of at least 1Mbps. There are detailed instructions on how to connect to BBC iPlayer on Freesat's website.

Once the digital set-top box is connected, access to BBC iPlayer is via the red button while watching any BBC channel.

When the BBC red button homepage loads, users should type in the code 5483 and press OK. A message will appear saying "Number not found", however after a few secons the BBC iPlayer will load.

While the Freesat version of BBC iPlayer is currently only available on Humax digital boxes, it will become available on all Freesat HD digital boxes and Freesat HD TVs in the coming months.

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