UK internet piracy on the rise, says Ofcom

Almost 400 million music, TV and film files were digitally pirated in the three months to the end of January, with a third of UK web users illegally downloading content at least once, reports Ofcom.

Among users who regularly stream and download content, piracy levels are at 30%. This rises to 33% among those who watch films online, and 26% of online music fans.

The industry regulator's online copyright infringement report also found that nearly 18% (one in six) of internet users aged 12 and over used illegal services to access digital entertainment.

Music is by far the most popular digital media pirated, accounting for 280 million of the 386 million items of content illegally accessed over the three-month period.

TV programming ranked second at 52 million; films at 29 million; ebooks at 18 million; and computer software and video games lowest at 7 million.

via The Guardian

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Andy Clough

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