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It's here. Technics has officially unveiled its brand new turntable, the direct-drive Grand Classic SL-1200G, due on sale summer 2016...

We first caught a glimpse of a new Technics turntable during IFA 2015, but then it was just a shell of a deck. Now, all the pieces are in place, and we have to say things are looking very promising.

The SL-1200G is the cherry on top of Technics' high-end Grand Class G30 range of hi-fi separates. The model name is a nod to Technics history and its iconic SL-1200 range which spawned the classic SL-1210 deck.

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It's due out this summer - but it won't be cheap, with Technics telling What Hi-Fi? it will cost around $4000. The previous Technics decks would retail for around £1200, but Technics says this new deck is completely redesigned and, naturally, a real jump in performance.

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Panasonic claims the new deck uses a number of unique features designed to keep vibrations of the motor and any changes in rotational speed in check.

For example, the new deck uses a new 'coreless' direct drive motor which works with high-precision rotary positioning sensors to help reduce any unwanted interference.

The new turntable also features a four-layered cabinet construction, which includes a 10mm thick aluminium top panel.

There's also a 50th anniversary special edition in the offing, the SL-1200GAE, which features a slightly different finish, limited serial number platter and a magnesium tonearm (as opposed to aluminium on the standard model). This model will be limited to 1200 pieces.

Technics Grand Class SL-1200 will go on sale in summer 2016.

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Al ears's picture

Had to.

It had to be done. Well done Technics. Let's just hope the price it realistically.

SWEETOHM's picture

Technics SL-1200G

The Technics SL-1200G turntable will cost $4000 ?? 


I seriously think only the die hard Technics fans would by this at the price they are asking.


luckylion100's picture

Thoroughly delighted...

About this news but like Al Ears above concerned Technics will milk it for all its worth concerning the asking price. Still, I want one, will have one, finally! Smile

chebby's picture

If it's less than £1200 (for

If it's less than £1200 (for the basic 'G' model) i'd be amazed. The old SL1200 was one of the biggest bargains in hi-fi towards the end being hand built and sold at a loss.

They would have had to rebuild all the tooling from scratch and the original team that built it all those years were dispersed a long time ago.

I hope it's at least as good as the old one and a real  turntable (not just a dressing up exercise for marketing).

They must know that there are still thousands of originals around and every hi-fi mag/website on Earth is going to buy or borrow one to compare it with. Hopefully this will keep them 'honest'.

Benedict_Arnold's picture

It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to see how a classic and well used SL-1210 stacks up against more modern offerings from Pro-Ject, Rega, etc. in some kind of old vs. new test.

I always wanted an SL-1200 or 1210, until CDs appeared, and my student income (50 quid a week in those days) would never have allowed me to get either.

Right now I have a Pro-Ject Debut III / SB which I barely use, but am thinking of adding a different turntable in due course.  If I buy a classic used one, having to spend loads of money working on it and / or replacing the cartridge, is something I worry about.

Kind of like buying a classic "performance" car from the 80s and being outrun by a new Mondeo!

Roni Solomon's picture

Rega more modern?

The original Rega Planar turntable (1975) is an older design than the Technics SL-1200 MK2 (1979).  The Rega RB300 tonearm came out in 1983.  Looking at the timelines side by side, both tables had incremental upgrades over the years.  I always thought of the Rega as being a different approach, but similar quality as the Technics in regards to sound reproduction.  Simplicity vs complexity.  

NunoLopes's picture

We don´t need that funcy stuff

Proud owner of 2 sl1210 mk2, and i have to say, analoge turntables never let me down, the only thing that technics needs was a re-styling, if it works great , don´t mess it up...why the f. do we need magnesium tonearm? the older one works perfect...regarding the vibration of the motor, i can understand, but this is not a high end grade...if it was should be belt drive... this turntable is for djs and home users or pro users...i guess

Gilboa's picture


This takes me back to the late 70s/early 80s as a kid looking through Technics brochures. All their turntables in these glossy publications looked like this one! Retro chic... 

Brad Cheng's picture


I guess this isn't meant for kids getting into vinyl or working DJs. At the absurd prices of $4K its for old men in the ranks of the 1% who want to buy into some hipness and a sixth of a working family's yearly income. Why don't you just skip the whole idea, okay, Technics? It's a bad joke you played on the working artists hoping you would bring back the table they loved.

AlbaBrown's picture

A deck for suckers then!

There is obviously a huge number people with more money then sense if this launch is deemed to be worthwhile!

I've lost count of how many people have bought SL10s, 1200s, 1210s. Spent hundreds (if not thousands) modifiying the decks to the point that the deck is significantly different from the stock (sonically flawed) design.

And now we'll have a £4000 deck based on a sonically flawed design. 

The same type of people will throw huge amounts of money at Garrard 301/401 or LP12 decks to attempt to overcome those flawed/limited decks as well.

Stick a little £1600 Well Tempered Simplex up against that lot and it would out perform them by an embarrasing margin.

Shaun Van Tonder's picture

Are they for real... $4000 ??

They must really be smoking their sox if they think they are going to have many sales at $4000 a pop.. Thats ridiculous... 


James Eldridge's picture

Andy, Can you confirm if this

Andy, Can you confirm if this is for the Limited Edition SL-1200GAE version of the later released standard SL-1200G version? Before you send the DJ internet forums in to spin cycle Wink

Brad Cheng's picture


Yes, Andy, you don't wrongly want to be the bearer of bad news.

Andy Clough's picture


No, both models are exactly the same price, $4000. Don't have UK pricing yet, but I can take a guess surprise

Bojan Bijelic's picture

Great news

I have used MkII as an audiophile and a DJ. Did better as a DJ equipment though. But was really good as an audiophile turntable too. I wouldn't mind having this latest incarnation of the legend, but not at the $4K price tag. Is it me or does all new Technics equipment sound overpriced?

E Detroit's picture

Where your proof Andy???

how are you the only one that knows the price?!?! Doubt it

DJ S-Class's picture

4K price for 12's

I've looked all over and that price seems true....for the 1st 1200 units released with the "limited #" signature on them.
I don't think regular fans will see those tables regardless.
They will be pre-paid by the: DJ Capri's, Funk master's, Jeff's...etc type DJ's that are elite with deeper pockets then mine and most people.
Not to mention buying 2. You'll never want to spin on them, let alone move them around. Those decks were made to be rugged, 40lb tank's ultimately famous for scratch and doing tricks on... (yeah right on 8k worth of decks)
I would assume ( please correct me if I'm wrong ) but after technics makes 4.8 mil from the 1200 1200G 4k price release, they might bring them out for a more realistic price for DJ's and vinyl lovers and DJ'S that have been true to turntable D.J.ing.

What do you think?

teflonrobg's picture


Did they mention they're going to mass produce the 1200s again after the special editions are sold out?

Andy Clough's picture

Technics turntable

There was no mention of a limited run of the main (non special edition) version, so I assume it will be produced in reasonable quantities if there are enough buyers.

R Couch's picture

seriously.............4 large ???

are you friggen kidding me......4g's for a technic 1200 .......... NFW !!!


will stick with b&o or my old garrard ........... had a pioneer that was better than ANY technics

MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH ........... 4 grand........




wilro15's picture


WHF will only give it 3 stars again anyway.  Its not "audiophile"