IFA 2015: Technics launches Grand Class G30 streaming range

Grand sits between Technics' Reference and Premium ranges of hi-fi components.

First up is the SU-G30 (above), which combines a music streamer and stereo amplifier, and is set to be available late autumn for around £3500.

It includes 24-bit/192kHz file support and features trickle-down technology from the high-end Reference range of Technics hi-fi separates.

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Technics ST-G30

Technics ST-G30

Also new, and one we weren't expecting, is the ST-G30, a CD-ripping NAS drive (available spring 2016, price TBC).

The ST-G30 doesn't play CDs, it purely rips them to FLAC and stores them on its built-in hard drive. You can't stream music through it, any tracks you want to play need to be moved over to the hard drive before they can be played. This will be done using Technics own file transfer software included in the box.

The ripper uses a 512GB solid state hard drive - Technics believes SSD is better suited for storage and playback of the music files. There are no analogue connections on the back, but there is a USB audio output to connect to the SU-G30 or another external DAC.

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Technics SC-C500

Technics SC-C500

Also new is the Ottava SC-C500, a premium all-in-one system, featuring a CD player, streamer and wireless connectivity. This comes with new speakers, designed by Technics exclusively for this system. There is also a speaker-free package called the SC-C501.

Three tweeters in each speaker promise a 270-degree spread of sound, together with upward- and downward-firing woofers. They've been designed to encourage a spread of sound as opposed to a specific sweet spot.

The amp comes with proprietary terminals, which allow the speakers to be biamped. This does mean you won't be able to connect your existing speakers to it - not that Technics will be offering the option of buying it without. The SC-C500 should go on sale in late autumn for around £2000.

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