TCL CES 2023: QD-OLED, Mini-LED, and QLEDs TVs are on the way

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CES 2023 is here, and so is TCL's big event, during which the brand has announced its TVs for the year ahead. Included in the announcements was an all-new brand-first for TCL, a QD-OLED TV, alongside other Mini-LED and QLED sets.

The biggest headline has to be TCL's very first QD-OLED TV, which is coming late in 2023. Unfortunately, we don't know much about what's coming with this TV other than its standout display tech, but that's already reason enough to get excited.

With QD-OLED comes the marriage of two already-excellent display technologies, QLED and OLED, making the proposition, on paper, a best-of-both-worlds scenario where the bright, vibrant colours of QLED can combine with the perfect blacks of OLED to make an even better TV than those relying on just one of those display technologies. 

What's more, TCL's general value-led approach makes us hopeful that this could be a more affordable QD-OLED than those launched up to this point. No official pricing has been released, though, so we'll have to wait and see on that.

Outside of the QD-OLED news is TCL's 2023 lineup of QLED TVs. This year we're getting the QM8, Q7, and Q6 QLED TVs. The QM8 is the flagship of the bunch and offers a Mini LED 'Ultra' backlight and up to 2300+ local dimming zones alongside a built-in subwoofer, voice remote, and Google TV.

The Q6 QLED is the brand's latest entry-level QLED set, but it still manages to pack a punch, at least on paper. Gamers should be particularly please, as there's VRR and ALLM support, plus local dimming and a native 120Hz panel.

The QM8 will be available in 65-, 75-, 85-, and 98-inch sizes; the Q7 will be available in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes; while the Q6 will be available in 50- and 55-inch sizes. No word just yet on the QD-OLED line, but QD-OLED panels are currently available in 55-, 65- and 77-inch sizes, so TCL's model will almost certainly come in two or all of those.

We'll have to wait for final details like pricing and release date, outside of them coming this year, as well as more information about what's to come with TCL's QD-OLED sets, but TCL's recent form of bringing premium features and technologies to mid-range and budget prices means there's much to be excited about for the year ahead.


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