Tangent's compact, versatile DAC II boasts aptX Bluetooth and an attractive price tag

Tangent DAC II face-on view
(Image credit: Tangent)

Danish audio manufacturer Tangent has announced the release of not one but two brand-new products to add to its range of affordable hi-fi components. 

First up is the Tangent DAC II, which uses a premium Sabre 24-bit Stereo Audio DAC at its core. Tangent refers to it as "a solution for anyone who has a traditional amp but now needs a cost-effective, compact preamp", with the diminutive unit sporting a single coaxial input, two optical digital inputs and a USB port, as well as both RCA and XLR balanced outputs. 

While the DAC also features aptX Bluetooth for streaming music directly from your phone or source player, it can also be used as a quality, dedicated headphone amplifier thanks to the inclusion of both 6.3mm and 3.5mm headphone sockets.

The diminutive DAC comes equipped with an intuitive interface and a small-form design that Tangent claims "won't take up too much space in your home or office". There's a remote supplied too, if you don't fancy using the on-unit controls.

Tangent Ampster TV II face-on view

The Tangent Ampster TV II looks to boost your telly's audio power. (Image credit: Tangent)

The DAC II isn't the only release coming courtesy of Tangent, though. It has also revealed the Ampster TV II, which Tangent claims is "the ultimate amplifier to enhance your TV audio". Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and an HDMI input, the TV II aims to boost your telly's audio output via its 100 Watts of amplification.

With support for aptX HD, you can use the TV II's Bluetooth capabilities to play music from your compatible phone or source player. The Ampster even comes with a subwoofer output so you have the option of adding more bass to your audio setup. 

Both models are available now, with the Tangent DAC II priced at £250 and the Ampster TV II costing £200 (further prices pending).


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  • nick77_
    Hi, my question is about Tangent dac II standby function, I'd like to ask if anyone knows something about it. I know that Tangent ampster bt II turns off when it is connected to the tv. Could anybody tell me if that problem happens also with Tangent dac II? Thanks so much