The latest update to the Spotify desktop is rolling out from today and also promises faster artist browsing

Spotify has announced an update to the desktop client that will bring a series of new features including gapless playback.

The update will begin rolling out today – Spotify will prompt you to upgrade when you open it – and also includes faster artist, a new save and restore feature for now playing and improved subscription options.

The full features list for this release:

    •    Gapless playback (‘on’ by default)    •    Crossfade support (‘on’ via Preferences)    •    Faster artist browsing    •    New save and restore feature for ‘Now Playing’    •    Improved Subscribe, Buddy List and Favourites options    •    Drag & drop fixed on Windows    •    ‘Hide purchase buttons’ option (Premium-users only)    •    ‘Offline Mode’ via Spotify menu

If you can't wait for the upgrade to appear for you, then you check out a preview version via the link on the Spotify blog.

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