Canor TP106/CD2 VR
Slovakian hi-fi maker will start selling VR CD player and amplifier range from £2400 to £3500

Distributor Sound Fowndations is bringing Canor hi-fi to the UK.

Formerly known as Edgar, Canor is a Slovakian manufacturer of mid- to high-end valve-based hi-fi products.

The models coming to the UK include a headphone amp, three phono stages, two CD players and two stereo amplifiers.

First to arrive will be the VR integrated amp, CD player and phono stage, available in silver or black.

Prices are £3500 for the Canor TP106 VR amplifier, £2600 for the CD2 VR CD player – both pictured here – and £2400 for the TP306 VR phono stage.

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