Sony's latest software update brings 2023 TV features to 2020 models

Sony XR-55A90J
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Sony has begun rolling out an update to its older TV models that will bring new features down from its latest 2023 models. This includes a new game menu for its 2022 TVs, and the eco dashboard menu for its TVs released between 2022 and 2020. 

Starting with the new gaming feature, Sony is bringing a limited version of its Game Menu found on the likes of the A80L and X95L to its 2022 TVs; specifically the X80K-series, X90K-series, A75K, A80K-series and A90K

Included with this new gaming-focused settings menu are options such as motion blur reduction and a virtual crosshair – ideal for fans of first-person shooters. However, the black equaliser and screen size options both remain exclusive features for Sony's 2023 models. In order to access the Game Menu, simply put the TV into the game mode setting and press the "123" button on the remote. 

Moving over to the Eco Dashboard; this will be available to the aforementioned 2022 models as well as a host of 2021 models and even a pair of 2020 TVs. That includes the X80J-series, X90J-series, A80J and Z9J from 2021, and the XH90 and XH92 from 2020. 

The Eco Dashboard incorporates all of the relevant power settings into one convenient place. Sony says this enhances usability and makes it easier to understand what each setting does in order to reduce energy usage. Within the Eco Dashboard, you'll find power-saving settings, brightness controls and light sensor functions, which likely rely on the Bravia camera, an optional accessory that's compatible with 2022 and 2023 Sony TVs. 

You can manually download and install this new firmware update right now, or wait until Sony deploys it as an over-the-air update via the TV's update function within the settings menu.


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