Sony's 2011 high-definition PVRs come in two sizes

Sony SVR-HDT1000

There are two models in the range: the £330 SVR-HDT500 with 500GB hard drive, and £400 SVR-HDT1000 with 1TB HDD. Both have twin Freeview HD tuners, so you can watch one programme in HD while recording another. Series recording is supported.

Users can also pause and rewind live TV, record two programmes simultaneously while watching a third that they've previously recorded and back up recorded material to an external hard drive.

Sony says the 1TB box will record up to 600 hours of standard-definition TV, or 250 hours of HD, while the 500GB version can store 300 hours of standard definition and 125 hours of HD.

Twin USB ports enable playback of digital photos or music files via your TV, and audio features include Dolby Digital Plus support and an MP3 jukebox function.

For more details of Sony's 2011 product range, see our earlier news story.

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