The new Sony "audiophile turntable" promises the best possible vinyl sound, but also comes with a vinyl ripper for converting records to hi-res audio.

Hot on the heels of the new Technics SL-1200 turntable, comes a new turntable from Sony, the PS-HX500, that promises to get the best from your vinyl - and help you take your records with you on the move.

No, it's not a portable record player, instead it comes with a "high quality DSD native converter" that allows you to rip your vinyl to digital files in up to hi-res audio quality.

The PS-HX500 claims to be the world's first to do this and also to support double-rate and single-rate DSD files. You can also copy your vinyl records as WAV files.

It comes with PC software to enable the process, with Sony naturally suggesting "the recording process is quite simple".

The deck itself has a die-cast aluminium platter, is belt-driven - unlike the Technics direct-drive deck - and is powered by a two-speed motor. Belt-driven decks tend to be favoured for audio quality.

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There's a high density 30mm plinth, plus a new tonearm, rubber mat and insulating feet. It comes supplied with a moving magnet (MM) cartridge.

The Sony PS-HX500 is due out in April with a price tag of around £400.

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is it direct drive or belt

is it direct drive or belt drive ?


***edit, i just see is belt-driven - thats no use.

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Like the belt-driven

Like the belt-driven Clearaudio £92.5k  Belt-driven "statement" - Would you say; thats no use. As its just about the drive system, not the money, so by that logic...

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Marketing at it's best/worst

So now you can make DSD files of the mediocre performance of a mass market turntable fitted with an inexpensive Audio Technica cartridge. What next? A ferric-only cassette deck that can convert your knackered tapes to DSD as well? 

Brought to you by the same marketing people who promoted "For Digital" Headphones when CD came out years ago.

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I really don't understand why

I really don't understand why they have to put low quality cartridges on these devices. The thing is going to cost £400 and they put a £10 cartridge on it? Sony is not the only one to do this, Teac with the TN-300 did the same.

Now I know one can fit a better cartridge  but  one really shouldn't have to.