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Sonos announces BBC Radio fix, reveals podcast plans

Sonos also revealed it was working to bring to bring access to BBC podcasts and archived content via its radio feature, which is provided by TuneIn. Sonos said it hoped to share "more on that next year".

Changes made earlier this year to the way the BBC streams its internet radio stations had caused issues for various products, including Logitech, Naim and Sonos. The move from streaming in MP3 to the higher quality HLS format left some hardware - and listeners - unable to receive a regular, reliable BBC Radio stream.

An announcement from Sonos released this morning, said: "Simply install our next software update for live streaming access to all BBC Radio news, sports, talk shows, music and all the other BBC Radio entertainment you love. With fewer gaps in local sports coverage. And the best sounding audio."

Naim released an update for BBC Radio on its streaming products earlier this year and now it seems Sonos is set to follow suit.

Sonos added: "We appreciate your patience and apologise for the quality and programming issues to date. We understand how important streaming BBC Radio on Sonos is, and are committed to ensuring that it remains the best possible experience."

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