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From today (29th June), Naim network player owners can obtain a firmware update which will enable DSD playback and the high-res BBC Radio HLS format.

DSD playback will be available for owners of Naim streaming products with the SHARC DSP software. These include the ND5 XS; NDX; NDS SuperUniti and NAC-N 272. 

Flagship NDS network players will now benefit from multi-room capabilities and all Naim players can now support the BBC’s HLS radio format, as well as Spotify Connect in multi-room mode. 

The added support of HLS radio will be a welcome update to many Naim owners, after the BBC made some unexpected changes to its AAC streams, changing them to HLS. Naim was able to reactivate just the BBC Radio 3 320kbps link, the rest being in 128kbps MP3 format. 

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Naim has also announced that the ND5 XS, NDX and NAC-N 172 XS network players will now ship with aptX Bluetooth compatibility, and these come with a £100 premium to reflect the changes.

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NDX £3505

NDX inc. DAB/FM £3840

ND5 XS £2245

ND5 XS inc. DAB/FM £2545

NAC-N 172 XS £1865

NAC-N 172 XS inc. DAB/FM £2155

The 4.3 firmware update is available free from Naim’s website, where a table detailing how supported Naim products will be affected can also be found. 

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Jaymes Smith's picture

Naim releases network player update with BBC Radio HLS support

A free 'bbc compability'  correction, but 100 'expletive' pounds to add blue tooth. What kind of joke is that?

fidelityhi's picture


Sometimes I despair about posts like this.  Adding a feature costs money.  Doing it well costs even more money. 

Naim are a small company who put sound quality and product life at the top of their priority list.  £100 is some 5% increase in price.  No Apple one year product cycles where you loose 60% when you upgrade! 

Jaymes Smith's picture

Naim releases network player update with BBC Radio HLS support R

I don't doubt that Naim are a quality brand, how ever if i wanted to add blu tooth to a pc, it is usually loose change

KevH's picture

So BBC just junked everyones expensive streamer

Way to go BBC - nice of you to prove the Daily Mail correct, in that Quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations like yours can act with little or no care for the people who use the services that you provide.

£1000+ to play a 128k MP3 stream - well that's money well spent, well done BBC. Just keep on at the public trough of money, that's what you do best at, after all.

I bet who ever made this shambolic update get's a  huge promotion and double figure pay rise - and they wonder why Osbourne is gunning for them?!!