sennheiser mx-w1
Portable package makes a wireless link between your pocket and your ears

On sale late this month is Sennheiser's wireless solution for portable audio. The MX Wireless 1 system, which will sell for £300, uses a 2.4Ghz digital wireless link using 'Kleer' technology to link the transmiiter to the wireless in-ear 'phones, and is said to give full CD qualiity stereo sound without any compression.

The system also uses diversity antenna technology to provide immunity to interference, and will give no lip-synch problems when used with portable digital video players.

The maximum data-rate on the system is 2.37Mb/s, and it's said to be ten times more efficient than Bluetooth.

With a day's use from a single charge, the heaphones come complete with a transmitter/carrying case with integrated charger, and can be used with any device having a 3.5mm output jack.

The headphones themselves use a 14mm drive unit built specifically for this application and neodymium magnets, weigh just 10g apiece and have the company's 'Twist-to-fit' system to keep them in place.