Samsung's 2023 Mini LED TV prices undercut some of last year's sets

Samsung S90C QD-OLED TV
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Samsung is the first out of the Big TV Brand gates in announcing pricing for its 2023 TVs, and it's making a statement where competitiveness is concerned. The Korean giant has revealed US prices for the majority of its 8K and 4K Neo QLED TVs, with a handful of them undercutting the figures attached to last year's models.

The QN900C and QN800C ('QN' will likely be 'QE' in the UK and Australia) are Samsung's 8K Neo QLED (read: Mini LED) TVs this year, with each range available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch sizes. With its 2022 8K Neo QLEDs having been more affordable at launch than the 2021 models, Samsung has also blessed its latest 8K sets with slightly more attractive price tags than their 2022 predecessors. Well, the larger sizes anyway...

The 65-inch flagship QN900C, for example, remains $5000, but the size-up 75-incher arrives at $6300, compared to $6500 for the 2022 model. The cheapest 8K TV – the 65-inch QN800C – is still $3500, though the 85-inch model is $6000 ($500 less).

Most of Samsung's TV customers will no doubt be pleased to read that this competitiveness also bleeds into the 4K Neo QLED ranges, of which there are three: the 'entry-level' QN85C, middle-sitting QN90, and flagship QN95C. Prices have, in most cases, dropped or stayed the same.

The QN85C models are on par with 2022's QN85B sets as far as pricing goes, though the 85-inch monster is $200 cheaper at $3800. (Samsung has managed to reduce the price of its flagship 85-inch QN95C by the same amount too.)

For the next range up QN90C, it's swings and roundabouts: the 50-inch is more affordable ($1600 compared to $1800), as is the 75-inch model ($3300 compared to $3500) though the 55-inch and 65-inch have risen slightly to $2000 and $2800 respectively, while the 43-inch remains at $1200. 

And as for the flagship QN95C Neo QLED TV range, the 65-inch is once again a cool $3300, while the larger screens have shed a couple of hundred bucks.

All eyes will of course be on Samsung when the time comes for it to reveal prices for its 2023 QD-OLED TVs, which will take on Sony, LG and Panasonic's popular fare – not least as a new 75-inch size is joining the range alongside the 55-inch and 65-inch models. For now, though, the company looks set to have another strong, good-value year in the premium space.

All pricing announced so far is as follows, and you can read all the details about Samsung's 2023 TV lineup here.

  • QN900C 8K: 65-inch ($5000), 75-inch ($6300), 85-inch ($tbc)
  • QN800C 8K: 65-inch ($3500), 75-inch ($tbc), 85-inch ($6000)
  • QN95C 4K: 65-inch ($3300), 75-inch ($4200), 85-inch ($5800)
  • QN90C 4K: 43-inch ($1200), 50-inch ($1600), 55-inch ($2000), 65-inch ($2800), 75-inch ($3300), 85-inch ($4800)
  • QN85C 4K: 55-inch ($1500), 65-inch ($2000), 75-inch ($2700), 85-inch ($3800)


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