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Growing demand in emerging markets and the World Cup effect boosts demand for LCDs and plasmas

In a move likely to rattle the major Japanese consumer electronics companies, Samsung has revised its 2010 sales targets for flatscreen TVs.

It had originally planned on selling 39m sets this year – 35m LCDs and 4m plasmas. That would have put its sales up 27% from its 2009 levels, the same increase it achieved between 2008 and 2009.

Now sources at the company say that figure has risen to 45m-50m.

If the higher of those two figures is achieved, it would represent a striking 62% sales increase year on year.

The company says the revision has been spurred by growing demand, especially in emerging markets, not least as a result of interest in the 2010 FiFA World Cup.

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And Samsung isn't the only company planning big sales boosts this year: LG's sales target is 29m flatscreen TVs this year, up 49% on last year, while Sony is forecasting a 67% increase, to 25m sets.

However, Samsung is clearly determined to reinforce its domination of the global TV market: if it meets its targets, it will outsell Sony 2:1.

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